Happy Christmas with the Holy Family

Merry Christmas. Here are the Holy Family, looking happy:


I love the sweetness and unselfconsciousness of Joseph’s love here. He looks at his wife and child in delight. Mary has a small smile as if she has not a care in the world.


The contrast here is not just the darkness of the background but the intensity of the look. Here are highly intelligent people, knowing and self-conscious. Initially I thought it a man, on the left, despite the head-covering. It is a strong-looking woman.


Munch is always so disturbing. When is the picture, precisely? Mary is in ecstasy, possibly sexual, and the foetal Christ has anger or even resentment.


At last, a baby, wrapped as he would be, in a Mediterranean winter. Joseph has a halo, but not the others.

4 thoughts on “Happy Christmas with the Holy Family

  1. Interesting pictures, thank you. 🙂 The old woman is probably Saint Anna, the mother of Mary. According to some sources, Anna gave birth to Mary immaculately, so that Mary and Jesus form the Yin and Yang, the male and female of immaculate conceptions. Both the mother and the child equally holy.

    Have a blessed holiday, and the best New Year ever in 2017.

    XXXX 😀


    • That’s interesting. I am aware there was a tradition that Mary’s mother was called Anna, but Luke does not say Anna in the temple was Mary’s mother, and I had not thought they were connected- or where they got the name for the mother from. Here are two icons. icon-of-st-anna

      Before it was explained to me, I wondered why the child’s head was covered.


      God bless you too. Love.

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  2. Awesome post! While reading, I couldn’t help but think of a meme I saw on Fb about how if you take out the Jew, the immigrant, and the vagabond, you’d have an empty nativity. Just goes to show how connected we all are and really, we just all want some love! And light. Light is good, too. LOL


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