Happiness III

Happiness is possible. It must be, I read it in a book! It makes sense, actually.

I control nothing. Anything could go wrong, at any time. What’s the worst that can happen? I could lose my income and my house.

Sometimes there is retrospective happiness. “Happiness, I knew you only by the sound you made as you left.”

Happiness is tragic. The sense This too shall pass is more intense. You might choose to reject it, but that is to choose tense misery, anticipating the loss of circumstances which might give delight. You can either be happy then unhappy, or unhappy all the time.

Sometimes we know that we have an experience for the last time. The happiness is as strong, though more complex. Sometimes a last experience rounds a thing off. I can appreciate the whole of my father’s life, and all the joy it gives me even now. It is complete.

Happiness need not be carefree. Knowing it will end need not reduce it. It is real life- our dreams are only dreams. Those who could smile when talking of a dead partner were most likely to be happy, years later. The happiness we experienced remains ours forever. When sad, happiness is important- brief, incomplete, imperfect, fragmentary moments of joy.

Mindfulness, presence in the moment, noticing and savouring our feelings now, can make contentment- a good meal, a task completed, being warm enough- into happiness through appreciation. We will never solve all our problems- think of Sir Alex Ferguson, winning the game and immediately turning his attention to the next one. Stop and notice that beauty, joy, delight.

Paraphrased from Mindfulness by Christophe André. Yet, I believe it, or I would not write it. bright lily


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