Meet the Jeannetts

How could anyone vote for Trump? Well, some consider abortion is the most important issue of the election. Two facebook friends resident in the US, both met through WordPress, were brought up Republican and in one case conservative Evangelical, but both will be voting for Mrs Clinton in November. However, through them I get to see what their friends say.

Andrew Jeannett shared a despicable video from a programme called Faith for our Nation, broadcast on the Believers’ Voice of Victory Network, Dish channel 265. Kenneth Copeland says, You’re going to be held seriously, seriously, to account by God if you don’t vote… You’re going to be guilty of murder, you’re going to be guilty of every baby that’s aborted from this election forward. God speaks to Copeland, and told him personally, I know my way around politicians, I’ve been dealing with them since Nimrod, and I’ve never failed yet… This is God’s nation and no body is going to take it away from him. Mr Jeannett shared this as a video from Right Wing Watch, commenting, fear fear fear!!!! guilt guilt guilt!!! hear it, see it, distance yourself from it. I say, The LORD will not hold him guiltless, who taketh his name in vain.

Not even all pro-life people take this view. Charissa comments, Y’all do not have the corner market on life issues. We are all equal in the eyes of God, from the unborn babe to the convicted killer…each life is exactly equally precious to God. […]What about the Syrian refugees who are literally trying to escape being starved to death or bombed or some other horrendous end[…] There is an incredible amount of false guilt that goes around Christian circles especially. When you have people in places of presumed authority and leadership telling you constantly that you are doing something wrong, whether or not you actually are, you are probably going to feel guilty. She asks what would lose Trump their vote?

One answers, only if he adopted Hillary’s platform. Another agrees: Mr Trump would have to change his publicly stated position on abortion and adopt Hillary’s. Yes, he may not follow through and stay the course once he’s elected, but I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt. What choice do we have, after all? Hillary has already made it abundantly clear that she favors killing babies in the womb–even up to the moment of birth. Nothing–I repeat–NOTHING! could be more heinous than that.

Trump is a liar, says someone. David Record (Uncle David) most pro-Trump here, says Trump hasn’t been a pathological liar over his lifetime… Benghazi… emails… He didn’t defend a rapist and get him off Scott free. That last line is an attack on American justice. A jury finds not guilty, but Record knows better, and thinks people he thinks guilty should not have a public defender- or that public defender should not do her job. He is incorrigible. So is Susan Jeannett Neal, who says I’m voting for Trump. I believe that he is God-driven and will restore law and order to this country and wipe out ISIS, which no one else has even tried to do.

Mel uses striking language to attack Trump. Where are his fruits? Where are his treasures stored? He is not your savior. He will hand you over to the Romans to be crucified.

Abortion is not the only lunacy prayed in aid of Trump. Open borders = 600 million people estimated to come here, what kind of life will it be for the children and grandchildren WAKE UP AMERICA! Hmm. Is that Poe or Godwin? I can never remember.

Dan sees it in apocalyptic terms. Israel was overtaken when it did not follow God. We could be too. But Keaton, whose evangelicalism I dislike- As I understand the Bible, those poor souls who are aborted would be ferried instantaneously to Heaven, bypassing all of the sin, pain, and ugliness of this world is unduly negative- nevertheless brings in climate change. Do not rape the planet.

I went to Susan’s page, counted twenty pro-Trump or anti-Hillary posts in one day then gave up. They include “I was the Clintons’ Hitman” by Larry Nichols, and a meme calling Paul Ryan a traitor. David Record’s page has a post calling Christians against Trump “Pharisees”, a Clinton Scandal video, and another calling Mrs Clinton the most pro-abort candidate we’ve ever seen.

I see what she says, but don’t understand why. She thinks abortion is the most important issue; she thinks Mrs Clinton is a monster; but I can’t understand why anyone would think like that.

Susan is deplorable, possibly; incorrigible, certainly. But not even all conservative Evangelicals will vote Trump. Thank God!

Then I found this in the Washington Times. The candidates are as bad as each other, says Suzanne Fields, and one commenter blames this on the MSM: Kasich could have trounced Clinton, but the MSM pushed the GOP to the Right, and promoted a candidate Mrs Clinton could beat.

8 thoughts on “Meet the Jeannetts

  1. People fool themselves. They see something they like about a candidate – some flare or style, and then project all sorts of qualities on that candidate that he has never in fact displayed. The candidate serves as sort of a Rorschach test.


    • Not quite. There are two candidates, and some exhort people to vote because the other is ghastly. Or they vote for the party. I like to feel I have opinions, not original but sincerely held, which I can back up by argument. And I have angry reactions: of course I am unthreatening in women’s loos.


      • You don’t see the self-delusion in the examples? Trump is not a good businessman he just plays one on TV, he does not “get things done”, he is not pro-life or anti-gay marriage. He is not discernably Christian. He is not particularly right-wing, not in the American tradition of small government and separation of powers, though he is in some ways analogous to the European right – race and authority. He is a shameless self-promoter and people project their desires onto him.
        What makes you angry?


        • What makes me angry? Bathroom bills, for one thing.

          Here’s an article: “Why some of the smartest progressives I know will vote for Trump over Hillary.” I do think he is more likely than not to appoint anti-abortion, anti-gun-control Supreme Court justices. The argument for the Evangelicals that Abortion is the issue to eclipse all other issues makes some sense to them- that is getting Evangelicals to support him. I disagree, of course, but the strategy works with some people.


          • The people the article refers to would naturally support Trump for ideological reasons: Trump is loudly in favor of the welfare state – he just doesn’t call it welfare – is against the global movement of capital, and in expansive authoritarian government. He and Sanders had much in common.
            I’ve been watching on facebook as a leftist relative of mine talks herself around from being one of those pro-Sanders Clinton haters into a Clinton supporter an general exercise in self-delusion. Most of my pro-Sanders friends however don’t seem to want to vote.


            • I don’t like globalisation but don’t know that any action against it would do any good. Or, protectionism bad, jobs going abroad bad, increasing inequality bad, er…..

              That article was some months ago. This tweet is rabble-rousing in the extreme, and dangerous: Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail. Instead she is running for president in what looks like a rigged election. Do you think that would produce much action, as opposed to talk, among his supporters?


            • Well, Trump is trying to capture the mood of al lot of people, that Clinton gets away with things (storing State Department e-mails on private servers) that would land lesser crooks in jail or at least get them fired. The problem of course is we usually refrain from jailing political enemies because if one side can do it then so can the other.
              I think the danger of people taking matters into their own hands because someone says upsetting things on twitter is grossly overstated. Spontaneous political violence is largely mythical.


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