The frog’s lair

In the park there is a beautiful den.


From the far end, anyone full-grown would have to crawl in, but here I can just bend my knees slightly.


The willow was planted four years ago. Willow can grow like a weed: these cut branches rooted easily. Branches within are woven together to make a tunnel. At the far end there is a pipe so the whole can be irrigated if necessary. Then it widens out, to reveal


The Frog.


I had not seen how beautiful it all is. I walked there in the morning, then cycled back for the photograph this afternoon. I was less than two hours before sunset- just in time. Tomorrow might not be so beautiful.

3 thoughts on “The frog’s lair

  1. I have somewhere nearby that’s very similar, the same construction, but a bit taller. It works remarkably well and as dens go is ideal I reckon. How nice that theres a secret frog at the end of yours. You look lovely perched upon it too, ideal lighting.

    esme nodding upon the Cloud


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