Bad taste

I just love this. And yet-


I know it is bad taste, getting photographed with a prop in a restaurant. The booths were covered in bright yellow fake leather. The cocktails, rather than sophisticated/touch of decadence luxuries, were OK drinks from the bar. The food was Steakhouse. This is the Albert Dock in Liverpool: round the water, with a stunning colonnade, there is a series of steakhouses and coffee-bars. And Tate Liverpool, which can’t move now. I wonder if friends might object on the grounds that polar bears are endangered- how did they acquire it?? Yuck!! And yet I wanted that photo as soon as I saw the thing, and would rather the stairway was not there. I had to squeeze past the paw to get in position. I am still second guessing.

6 thoughts on “Bad taste

  1. Ha!

    Reminds me of so many pictures my parents’ families took in Poland, specifically in the Polish mountains (Tatry), way back when. Somehow it was fashionable then and there to take photos in an embrace of a poor taxidermed bear.


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