There is so much to choose from, for the installation. I take white gloves, almost to my elbows, and a black tail-coat which fits beautifully across the shoulders. A thick, pink bob wig. Bizarre shiny bunting, with fluffy balls at the tips, like a string of the tackiest thongs. A sheet of blue plastic, and nylon pink net. Playing cards, doctored for prestidigitation. An incontinence pad. Cheap, shiny jewellery. Fake, plastic, gaudy, frippery.

I am pleased with my work. The scissors leave nothing to the imagination.


I have thought, recently, of playing the hand one is dealt.


The Harrods magazine was a wonderful gift. Look at this man, how girlish his poses and features!

shot_006_147_1162 Harrods magazine alpha male

I am filled with envy. This is not the whole:


I was at the centre of it, in wig, coat and gloves, unable to touch, unable to feel, explaining my anger and the empty egg box. This is where I am.

All comments welcome.

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