In the shrubbery

Beautiful, mature tree. Beautiful old rhododendron. They tower up, and spread out. Any toddler could delight in this: the ways in would let no-one else stand upright, but the den opens out into a wide high space roofed with green. I love it, too. I am glad I crawled in here.

Orthodox Jews- I saw a boy skipping along beside his father, both in skull caps- cannot walk far on the Sabbath- today- but if they have an eruv, they may move within that area, and carry keys, though not mobile phones, which are mukhtseh. My barrier reminiscent to me of an eruv is made of string, tied to the trees and saplings around the den. I also have thick grey twine, in a great fankle, hanging from the string, like barbed wire. More like barbed wire is the holly west of the den.

I have a long roll of thick white paper, to do with as I wish. I use the masking tape to suspend strips of it from the string. There is now a wall between me and the most open way into the den. Other masking tape forms a barrier at the back of the den, towards the fence. I can sit on a bottom-sized lump of concrete, leaning against the tree, with the rest of the roll of paper as a mace. I sit, half-brandishing my mace.

The incurious or unobservant would still not see my den through the foliage, walking down the path, if thinking of something else, but anyone aware of their surroundings would be more likely to notice, as the white paper is striking in the green and brown life. The walls I have created would not stop anyone.

I can’t remember what the exercise was. I have expressed myself, here, and my situation. It is fun to play with symbols. After explaining it to the group, I burst out of my space, through the wall- though that may just be what I want to appear to want.

in the den

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