How are you?

My first painting since school was compared to Kandinsky.

How cool is That!!

So I am emboldened to share it with you:

how are you

The exercise was to take poster paint, brushes and an A2 size piece of paper, and without words answer the question “How are you?” I felt I could not do anything representational, but someone painted hills, blue sky and a glorious, fiery Sun- so this was possibly untrue; but attempting representation would have been constraining.

It’s fun. What shapes can this brush make? Having no idea, I try something and see what happens. It need not be admirable, just to exist, as something is better than nothing.

There’s also a touch of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time here- his items of food must not touch, and my paint should not, though blue stayed on the brush and mixed with the glitterpaint. The glitterpaint came out mostly black or dull grey, which disappoints- but already, effects without conscious intention may speak to me. That glitter is supposed to be a path through, but it resembles a claw grabbing, or even a mouth, at one of the patches of brighter colour with a smaller brush- dots of clarity, bracketed for protection, but with gaps in the brackets to come out. I started with blue question marks. It would not be the same, said someone, without that red disc to anchor it; “Like Impression- Sunrise?” I suggested, but that was going too far.

Um. Maybe not that much like Wassily Kandinsky:

Kandinsky, Impression V, Park

5 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. I can similarities between the thinking both inspire: you’re urged by the mere positions and colours of brush stroke to look for form, shapes, meanings in the painting – not every artist can achieve that, Clare 🙂 Nicely done

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