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As the Prime Minister has said, the decision must be respected. We must now prepare for the process to exit the EU and the Government is committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for the British people in the negotiations.

So much for the call of four million people for a new referendum.

Mrs May, the new Prime Minister, is a strong Leave (despite having campaigned against Brexit in the referendum). There will be abuse and false claims that she is vacillating or delaying the Will of the People, but she will push the Leave agenda as strongly as she can, without destroying our international relations and economy. Conservatives are happier with strife and dominance than co-operation.


How important is it that Angela Eagle, now challenging for the leadership of the Labour Party, voted in favour of the Iraq invasion? Very little, I feel: most MPs did, and they were misled. On facebook, a friend wrote, Critically important. How can we vote for her under those circumstances? This is a proxy issue. My friend wants Jeremy Corbyn to remain leader of the Labour Party. On Angela Eagle’s own facebook page, comments are less moderate. Angela Eagle is a traitor. Angela Eagle is unelectable. Take a hint, no-one wants you. The Eagle has crashed.

Is David Cameron too stupid to realise the risk was too great to take, or has he deliberately damaged the country for his paymasters?

On Angela Eagle, I can be judicious. I want the Tories defeated, either by a right wing Labour party which does not attempt to wind back any of the damage done, or by a left wing party. On David Cameron, I feel that rage myself. He has been working against the interests of the country, he has done a great deal of damage, and as tributes to his achievements chug out, later today, I feel the anger. Because I don’t feel it about Angela Eagle, or indeed Momentum allegedly making Labour unelectable- allegations of unelectability fly both ways- I see the damage the raw anger does. Let us work together. How good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!

I am in a fb group called “The 48%”, where we whinge about losing the referendum. Someone has set up a Page: LGBT for Europe- Come Out to Stay in. It is full of Leaver comments. There I see the anger against my lot, and most clearly the misery of it: with such anger, how can we reach across the divide.

Finally on Andrea Leadsom’s fb page, people are supportive of her, but with digs against other Tories. I understand why you did it but I think you might have been surprised at the level of support you had among the rank and file. I believe the Brexit conservatives will now find a home with another party. If May does not deliver BREXIT but delivers her version of it the party will go into melt down. They want Brexit Now, no messing about with Article 50.

In parliament, though, they consider what is politically possible, what can garner support. Leaving the EU, formerly the fringe Tory view, has become the mainstream, and Tories rush enthusiastically to back it. In politics, I want to see what is possible.

Gillray, the Gout

2 thoughts on “Politics and facebook

  1. For the first time in my life I would consider voting Labour. I thought after the awfulness of Tony Blair I could never vote for them, even tactically. I can’t tell if as a swing voter who swings round anything but the two main parties, my sudden change is indicative of a bigger move within the population to Labour because of Corbyn. I hope it is. But I never quite seem to be in the majority, or anything like it.

    I think it is important that Eagle voted for the war, when so many of us, including politicians with more information like Cook, Corbyn and Kennedy, knew it was so utterly wrong. It places her in start contrast to Corbyn. She’s more of the same. He’s something new, not everything I agree with, but someone who means well and operates with integrity.


    • I feel like forgiving Angela Eagle for playing the game- it is politics, played by political rules. I can’t quite believe in a new paradigm. And in politics Labour can’t vote against benefit cuts because they will be attacked for not explaining where the money will come from. I don’t know. Peter Hitchens moved from the Left to Mail columnist- conversions are possible.


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