Make America Great!

We on the Left know Donald Trump would be a disaster as President: a lying, serial bankrupt war-monger who spreads hate and resentment but promises nothing. What do his supporters hear?

Here’s Make America Great Today! with a steady flow of news. Actually, Mr Trump is our last best hope against those Democrats, who are all Socialists. They’re coming to take your guns! If you had to find the worst person in Congress, you’d be hard-pressed to find one much worse than top Democrat Charlie Rangel. He exposed the dangerous, socialist mindset behind their most recent gun grabbing attempt – and it was caught on audio!! Rangel actually says that congresspersons “deserve” gun protection much more than average Americans!!

-Law abiding citizens should not be carrying guns, so you’re not going to push me in that direction.
-But you’re protected by guns all over the place, here in the Capitol.
-Ha, ha, ha, well that’s different I think we deserve, we need to be protected down here.

The start of the conversation is about how rich people in New York may get concealed carry permits much more easily than others: possibly this is corrupt. But I’m with Rangel: however much I disapprove of any elected representative, I want them safe in carrying out their duties. Sadly, the police in Downing Street need guns even if they don’t, usually, anywhere else.

Hillary Owned!

Hillary Owned meme

Not my understanding of the situation, but- what do you want to hear?

On the public fb group Make America Great Again, I read that Obama Orders Phrase ‘Under God’ to be Banned on all Government Property. Must click this. The advert was, Don’t move to Canada! Eight better options for your post-election escape plan. The pop-up says “Like and share if you love your country!” The story says he removes the phrase from the pledge of allegiance. I see it is old when it refers to “Presidential Candidate Dr Ben Carson”. On fb, seventeen people have clicked “Angry” and commented such as F–k the duschbag and Trump Train a Coming. Obama does not have the authority, and furthermore he’s not American.

Positive stories now, from the Make America Great Again PAC. Loyalty, not negativity, is a Trump family value. The daughter behind the candidate. Ivanka Trump is her father’s most influential adviser, his most powerful surrogate—and his total opposite. That’s from October, though, nothing here newer.

On Make America Great Again- Donald Trump I read, Connecticut Support Future President Trump! Finally, someone with balls. Only golf balls, I am afraid, but the GOP must do the best it can. The National Association for the Advancement of American Citizens– what a world of resentment, desperation and misery is in that title- comments Hillary wants to take U.S. straight to HELL. reports that As president, he would recognize the right of the Israeli people to choose their capital city (a choice, incidentally, that has remained unchanged throughout 3,500 years of uninterrupted Jewish presence in Israel). That choice is Jerusalem. His facebook page is sharing accounts of Palestinians killing Israelis.

While we know he offers nothing but hate, his supporters disagree. From that page: My husband is in Denver although we live in Arizona. He is a truck driver and is delivering to Safeway right about now. Mr. Trump, We pray for you, We pray for our country and we work hard. He works hard at his job, and I work hard being a good steward of his hard earned wages and a good mother to our two toddlers.
He is excited for the first time EVER about getting to vote. In fact, this will be his first time EVER voting for a president.
We are behind you, and we are behind America!
God bless you and God Bless America.
Thank you for staying true. The working class are rooting for you!


Under God.”

7 thoughts on “Make America Great!

  1. The world is changing too quickly for some people, Clare. Did you know that the white middle-aged American suicide rate has risen by forty percent over the past ten years? “It’s not high enough,” some would say. For many people in both the United States and EU, these are “interesting times.”

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