What does the culture say about sissies? Google is your friend.

On the hashtag #sissy, Mistress Flash wants New impressive #paypigs #cashslaves #sissy #cuckold I only take on the best @underdeskloser @RTpig @RTmutt. TammiCD wants to go to work “like this”- pink miniskirt not covering his erection, suspenders showing. Ready2role_clothing offers handmade pink maid’s outfits, made to measure for men. Sissycdcourtney tweets about wetting self in public while wearing “sissy PJs”. I hope that is fantasy. There are dozens of tweets an hour, many of women offering sexual services.

Google’s definition offers noun, a person regarded as effeminate or cowardly, adjective feeble or cowardly. Synonyms are cowardly, weak, feeble, spineless, effeminate, effete, limp-wristed, womanish, unmanly, soft. I have decided that “soft” is positive in me. Here, a man being like a woman is ridiculous and disgusting. Which is hard, if you are a man who is like a woman. No wonder trans women assert we are women.

Wikipedia has an article: Feminization or feminisation (see spelling differences), also known as sissification, is used to describe the practice, especially in female dominance, of switching the gender role of a male submissive. The male in such a process is sometimes and informally known as a sissy.

Merriam Websters Learners’ [Children’s?] Dictionary: a boy who is weak or who likes things that girls usually like… a person who is weak and fearful. Given the pejorative tone of the whole, I find “who likes things girls like” offensive.

Then there are the sites of women offering sexual services. “Slaves wanted”!

I hope they have fun, but this is not for me. The first positive thing which might be for me is YO!Sissy Queer Music Festival Berlin. The Party Weekend for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals and everybody else. Let´s DANCE TOGETHER July … And on page 3, Sissy Spacek on IMDb.

Samantha is straight and single with a deep longing to be a little girl. The first picture here shows men having fun in fancy dress. The text has that eerie unreality I noticed with a schizophrenic woman: some of what she said was probably true, some obvious fantasy, but the bits in the middle are mind-bending. Watch it get more and more unreal here: If you’re a guy who dresses as a sissy, gets a thrill from wearing frilly dresses then being a guy comes easier, but to sissies it’s mostly not the case, there is most times a struggle going on inside. I know I have had many a struggle. A sissy can hide things well, but something always surfaces to the top, with me it was things you just can’t hide. There was and is the occasional bed wetting incidents, there is the real fear of using the potty and something that was more a problem in my late teens/20’s my small willy and inability to have sex. It may even be true, about the inability, but saying it is a sexual fantasy.

Sissy is not the word. There is nothing positive here.

Bouguereau, the wave

4 thoughts on “Sissies

  1. I am not sure why you feel you need to be so negative and quite frankly rude on a subject you have no real understanding of, to not only write this article but to have the nerve to comment on my blog as you did just emphasizes why I feel more and more reluctant to post anymore.
    The term sissy is used by a widespread and diverse group of people and is also lumped heavily in the fetish arena and as you should understand that doesn’t make every person the same nor does it mean that all those who class themselves as sissies have the same feelings.
    I am really having to calm myself as I write this because you have offended me beyond measure. I am a human being just as you are, but you seem to have adopted some high moral ground that means you can belittle others at will. I appreciate people have their views, but did you need to visit my blog and leave such a comment?
    To pick apart what I had written in such a way as you did I believe shows that you are nothing but a small minded bigoted individual who deems themselves morally and intellectually superior to others. How dare you!!
    I want you to understand that what you wrote has hurt me deeply. I have the deepest respect for Transgendered people, I cannot begin to understand the path they are on, the difficulties they experience. But my feelings are just as relevant and I haven’t looked to dismiss being Transgendered as you have of me and others like me.
    Think on this, those of us who have struggled with feelings that often ostracize us from family and friends are real, confusing and painful. I hope you do not feel the hurt you have inflicted on me with your thoughtless post and comment. If I had the vindictive nature you obviously have in abundance I would go through all your posts and pick holes in each and everyone but quite frankly you register no more in worth than than a piece of dust nestled obscured in the depths of my carpet.
    Thank you for making me feel worthless and opening my eyes to what a truly crappy world this is with truly crappy people like you in it.


    • Welcome, Samantha, and thank you for commenting. The difference I see between trans folk and the online Sissy scene is that Sissies seem entirely a fetishistic role-play, and trans is about identity not sexuality. I wondered if Sissy had any lessons for us around identity: it appears not.


      • Wow what a patronizing, contemptible reply. I do not care about your view, that is your view and if you had simply explained that view on your blog then that would have been fine. But you attacked me for who I am, not only here, but on MY blog which is quite frankly inexcusable.
        Sissy is umbrella term, it doesn’t pretend to be trans but still has value in it’s identity, but you are like so many people who love to comment on things they know nothing about, the kind of people who read the back cover of a book and think they are expert.
        So what if sissies are in the fetish area of life, so what!! You are comparing apples with oranges.
        Well don’t worry anymore, you have made me feel beyond worthless to the extent I can no longer look in the mirror. Bravo. Don’t you wish there were people like you out there to show the same contempt to trans people? Hypocrite!
        Don’t reply to this please, I won’t be around to read it.


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