Leftist fear-mongering

Stephen Crabb may stand for the leadership of the Conservative party. He is a noted homophobe, voting against equal marriage, and associated with the hate-group Christian Action Research and Education, which also pickets family planning clinics. However he never said, “Homosexuality is a sickness. It can be cured”.

Crabb meme

If he had done so, our situation would be considerably worse than it is now. His homophobia is open enough, but he has been forced to deny that he is prejudiced. That means that there is still enough disapproval of heterosexism that homophobes as prominent as he have to be quiet about it. When they can be open and unashamed, we should be frightened.

I don’t want to diminish the threat he poses. But claiming he poses a greater threat increases anger, fear and anxiety and makes a constructive response more difficult. After a victory for the thoughtless hatred of the Right, the Left should be clear-headed. We should inspire through hope, not fear, for love is always stronger than fear.

There have been two Winnie the Pooh memes. Both start the same. The first had Pooh saying yes we’re still friends, let’s go and get pissed. The second is rather longer.

Pooh meme

The point of the first is that Pooh and Piglet are friends. It is not worth breaking a friendship over this. But I have friends who considered voting Leave from a Left perspective, and even Friends who voted Leave from the Right, wanting Sovereignty and objecting to EU “waste”. They are not responsible for racist attacks. “You decided that other animals’ lives and security were collateral damage”. God. Just, no. We have to work together. The Quaker statement says “There is now a great need for bridge-building… we refuse to prejudge who is or is not an ally”. The meme gives a hit of self-righteousness but makes understanding, communication and reconciliation less likely.

Trump meme

This first surfaced weeks ago but is still going round. Once pointed out it is obvious that the “White” is added by photo-manipulation: see how regular it is. The other words bend, as the cloth they are printed on bends. The E in particular would not look like that.

Trump is monstrous, a racist fomenting anger fear and race-hatred. That is why we should tell the truth about him. The truth is quite damning enough. Lies and exaggerations muddy the issue and make it easier for his voters to defend him- he lies, but they turn their anger on ours.

I feel anger and fear for my future, and my country’s. I fear all the Tory leadership candidates. I will be more effective if I can find hope, and common cause with people to the right of me- the great majority is to the right of me. If we simply look inwards and encourage our own fears, we will repel most well-disposed people, and make ourselves more likely to lose. So this is the meme to end on:

Christian Muslim Forum meme

Stephen Crabb forced to deny he is homophobic.
Quaker statement on the referendum.
Laws the EU stopped the Tories from passing.

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