Voting to Leave

Boris Johnson has insisted the UK is not “turning its back” on Europe. He said the decision would not make the UK any less tolerant or outward looking and would not reduce opportunities for young people. There is a petition with over two million signatures asking for a rerun of the referendum- I signed it. I also signed this one to make it illegal for any UK political figure to knowingly lie or mislead. Mine was the 33rd signature: as if we do not imagine it possible. They would all be in gaol. If advertisers are not allowed to lie, why politicians? “Legal, decent, honest and truthful” said the Advertising Standards Authority- if it has not been privatised yet.

Boris Johnson, lying. Never forget:

Boris Johnson, lying

My facebook feed was full of people in mourning. I could not believe it. I cycled into Swanston in the sun to meet R for lunch, and the world felt different, though the street was so familiar: we had turned away from modern life in anger and despair, to demand walls.
All changed, changed utterly:
a terrible meanness is born.

I lay awake around four, so heard Farridge’s victory speech. He was shouting without a microphone, so of course his voice sounded harsh, but- it sounded really harsh. He was speaking for decent, ordinary people.

They are not all racists. The Guardian said the working class Leavers were in a protest vote about austerity, poor public services, uncertainty for their children- all the Left causes- but that is not what they were asked, and last year it seems they did not believe Labour could do any better. They voted to leave the EU. Some did not think that side would win, apparently, so they could protest with impunity, but others were turning away from integration. There will be many reasons and rationalisations for voting leave. We need to convince people we have better ideas. We need to give them hope: an angry protest for UKIP is a vote without hope. This post from the Political Economy Research Centre of Goldsmiths’, University of London, is worth a read.

Then again, my former Green candidate shared, Great Britain, a historic vote for people, believe in Britain – Brexit: UK votes to leave EU in historic referendum. Another Green Leaver wrote, what arprise, labour MP’s are having a strop because doing what the voters want is optional.

We want to see ourselves as nice, good people. They want to see themselves as realists. Perhaps these self-images have some relation to reality. I have a few fbfnds on the other side: one wrote, THE BRITISH KNOW BEST!! 🇬🇧 A Prime Minister resigned. The £ plummeted. The FTSE 100 lost significant ground. But then the £ rallied past February levels, and the FTSE closed on a weekly high: 2.4% up on last Friday, its best performance in 4 months. President Obama decided we wouldn’t be at the ‘back of the queue’ after all and that our ‘special relationship’ was still strong. The French President confirmed the Le Touquet agreement would stay in place. The President of the European Commission stated Brexit negotiations would be ‘orderly’ and stressed the UK would continue to be a ‘close partner’ of the EU. A big bank denied reports it would shift 2,000 staff overseas. The CBI, vehemently anti-Brexit during the referendum campaign, stated British business was resilient and would adapt. Several countries outside the EU stated they wished to begin bi-lateral trade talks with the UK immediately. If this was the predicted apocalypse, well, it was a very British one. It was all over by teatime. Not a bad first day of freedom. I need to hear other voices. Some of them delusional: Other countries need us more than we need them!!.. all scaremongering… we will become GREAT Britain again!!!.

Mmm. That word “Great”. “Leftie cry-baby traitors!” he fulminated. Meme: “I believe in democracy- until I don’t get my own way, then I have tantrums all over facebook!” Mick shared that meme too, after an animation of a boy with a puppy, and an article on “The genocide of the peoples of Europe”: Mass immigration is a phenomenon, the causes of which are still cleverly concealed by the system, and the multicultural propaganda is trying to falsely portray it as inevitable.

“People are throwing their toys out of the pram” shared Hetty. She dared Remainists to unfriend her, so I did.

On the Swanston LGBT page, someone posted, May i thank the LGBT Alliance for Organising the Wonderful Vigil on Tuesday evening. I was moved not only by the sensitivity with which all contributors spoke but that [Swanston] – as we all know- is a sassy, tollerant and accepting place. His profile picture is a Vote Leave meme.

The Leader of the House of Commons wants some major legislative changes before 2020, including taking real steps to limit immigration, to abolish VAT on fuel and tampons, and to end the situation where an international court can tell us who we can and cannot deport. Cheaper fuel, and hang climate change. Human Rights for the Nice people! And if you need human rights and cannot assert them, perhaps you were never Nice.

Signac, deux stylistes Rue de Caire

19 thoughts on “Voting to Leave

  1. Something like a referendum rerun could easily happen – it’s been a difficult weekend for me personally to watch my UK friends here visiting Australia being literally ill from the result to leave EU. Such hard times for many.


      • Welcome, Steve, and thank you for commenting. The EU is democratic, with a Parliament, a council of Ministers- the relevant government minister from the democratically elected governments of the member states, the European Council, which is the heads of State or of Government of the 28, and a Commission- a civil service- headed by Commissioners appointed by those 28 elected governments. That petition now has 2.7m signatures. The other, which I would encourage you to sign and share, has 1571.

        Tell me more of your fears of dictatorship. If you mean TTIP, I would say you are not entirely off the wall- but a vote for Farridge and Johnson is a move towards that dictatorship.


      • I am just glued to media these past couple of days, Steve, and have even come across currents that consider London might want to stay in EU on its own. All this points to the idea that democracy has moved away from its self, which is a sad event indeed and I hope dictatorship does not have a chance there…reality is that democracy has always brought pain to those who voted differently from the winning streak and this current pain must be endured also


  2. Friday was surreal and awful. I’m quite sure it’s not a dream now. Whatever the economic outcome for both the rest of the EU and the UK, it will remain a disappointment for general population investment in international cooperation. It makes the UK a cold, selfish, sad little island group with delusions of grandeur.

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    • Yes. We are, er, “Better Together”. Though Scotland has a choice, perhaps, who to be “better together” with.

      There is no mandate for Leave. The majority was too small, the turnout too low, the campaign too misleading. The Referendum Act does not make the referendum binding. The PM may invoke Article 50 on Royal Prerogative; Parliament may vote for it; but it is their responsibility, and not clearly the Will Of The People.

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      • I agree to a certain extent and I wish we could do that. But I also recognise it would further undermine people’s sense of democracy and could cause civil unrest. I don’t seriously think it’s an option, and even if it was, I’m not convinced the rest of Europe would accommodate such a flip. You’ll have to move home, but I’m afraid I can’t offer to adopt you. 🙂

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        • I don’t think adult adoption is possible, not after the fall of the Roman Empire.

          Remain is a cause we should still fight for. We need proper leadership.

          Added: Here’s a striking one: Leavers tend to be authoritarians. Eric Kaufmann, a professor of politics at Birkbeck College, argued on Friday that the best predictor of voting patterns wasn’t income or education levels but attitudes toward the death penalty, which are a proxy for authoritarian attitudes more generally. “The probability of voting Brexit rises from around 20 per cent for those most opposed to the death penalty to 70 per cent for those most in favour,” Kaufman wrote on the Web site of the Fabian Society. “Wealthy people who back capital punishment back Brexit. Poor folk who oppose the death penalty support Remain.”

          Experiences of racism since the result: facebook album.

          Petition: A rematch for the battle of Hastings in 1066 as I am unhappy with the result. A Norman army invaded Anglo-Saxon Britain and won. I believe the Anglo-Saxons should have been victorious. Unfortunately, the site is “checking it meets the petition standards” before publishing it.- added- by 2pm, they had taken it down. No silliness on their site.

          Meanwhile, 2.9m for the Rematch petition, and counting. 2.04pm: 3,157,980.

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  3. Oh that last sentence in your post Clare. Cutting but on the money summary.
    While there is a range of motivations for the leavists it seems that some people believe it is not about leaving Europe but about mass deportation and that they now given them carte blanch to publically abuse and harass individual people on the street.
    I seem to recall something like that in the 1930s. And Britain was perilously close to being on the wrong side then too.
    Those who do not learn from history etc etc.

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    • The bell tolls for us. We are all in it together. Whatever you did for the least of my siblings. There are already notices in English and Polish going through people’s doors, telling them to get out. Those calling for immigrants or other races to “go home” feel empowered. And if they are not stopped from coming for the immigrants and other races, they will come for my lot, the LGBT, next.

      And you are right. Lord Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, wanted a negotiated peace from a position of weakness.

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    • Your Liberal extremism comes across nicely! Trying to make comparisons between Europe (The World even?) of the 1930’s and today is about as stupid as it comes. WHY was Great Britain “Perilously” Close to being on the wrong side then? What a load of Bolloney (I was going to use a more laddish expression but can see you are a gentle soul so changed my mind half way through typing 😉 )… From the actions of a very few louts and thugs you dare to tar us all (Brexiteers – leavers, whatever you wish) with an extreme pov and suggest we all carry the same actions! That is in itself extremism of the worst kind, shame on you!


      • Welcome, David. Thank you for commenting. The post was just after the referendum.

        Kiri does not say that all Brexiters are racist. She says that the referendum result empowered racism. I agree. There have been many incidents to empower racists and xenophobes since, and now the Christchurch massacre is one result of that wicked white supremacism.

        As for the 1930s, there were racists around then, and the comparison is not far fetched. Consider the battle of Cable St. I hope you would condemn such violence as much as Kiri does.


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