Job Interview

Why do you want this job?

-Because I’m desperate. I have not been paid to work for five years. I feel dishonoured and devalued. (Mmm, maybe not. Honesty can go too far. It is also negative, what I flee, rather than positive, what I chase.)

-I don’t. I’m going through the motions. I am supposed to want it. And I don’t, because that might mitigate the disappointment when I don’t get it. (No, I won’t say that, but-)

-Because Quakers are among the few employers who might think spending five years on a spiritual journey of self-discovery is a good thing.

-Because it fits me. Because I could be part of your beautiful space, unobtrusively keeping it beautiful and welcoming. A meeting house is a meeting with the world of spirit, where people hot from the world can cool and relax, and find our better selves. This job needs a blend of practicality and spirituality, practical Love, which I can give.

You might not be seeing me at my best. I am nervous, the situation is stressful, the people are new to me and I have not been here before. If it were my role to care for this place, I would blossom. My love, delight and playfulness would make it even more nurturing and healing, a place of loving friendship and enjoyment, peace and refreshment. I am very beautiful: soft, gentle and peaceful.

Paul Signac, portrait of Felix Feneon (2)

10 thoughts on “Job Interview

  1. “[S]pending five years on a spiritual journey of self-discovery is a good thing.”

    Jim: “It is! In fact, it’s the most important thing.”

    Clare: “Easy for you to say.”

    Jim: “You’ll see. When you have what you believe you really want, you’ll be glad that you’ve done this.”


    • I have been treated badly- last night, unconnected to job seeking.
      I am worth more than this.
      I turn the feelings inward into self-loathing: I should deal with the problem.
      With such habits, it is difficult to be satisfied.


  2. “I have always faced the world with Courage, Love and Hope”

    I just looked up your blog, and almost exactly 1 year ago, you wrote the above statement …. “Positively Clare”

    I wish you all the luck in the world, for the outcome of this job interview, and your work in the world.

    Truly you are ‘Flourishing’ and you are an Inspiration.

    Much love


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