St Pancras

St Pancras, castle in the air

From the other side of the British Library, St Pancras station floats like a castle in the air. Paolozzi’s Blake’s Newton has better things to think on, staring at his compasses on the ground.

Paolozzi Blake Isaac Newton

William Blake, Isaac Newton

This is the first time I have taken a photograph on my phone and blogged it from the wordpress app. I confess I edited it a bit on the lap-top. At least I am now in the current decade…

14 thoughts on “St Pancras

    • I would not want to write an essay on it, but for photography it’s good enough. Some do, though; and I get quicker at typing into it. I find I had unfollowed you somehow. I have rectified that.

      Added: no, actually, for photography it is poor. You can’t see the picture properly, leave alone edit it. I take many pictures to share the best one, but cannot properly compare them. Writing, I find the typing fiddly and difficult. It is only good for an instant reaction, but every post I edit and often make changes, clarifying and improving my thought and expression. Phone blogging is inferior in every way.

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    • I thought, Disney before Disney. The St Pancras Hotel is heavy, mahogany, Victorian. The station is on three levels, and the top two open to a glass roof, which is pleasant enough. There are three pianos for idlers to play, some very well.


  1. By now we’ve all heard about the massacre at the Orlando gay bar. So, how long will it take for the pc echo chamber to start defending the “religion of peace”?


    • Even yesterday, as the news was breaking, some idiot wrote on a comment thread,

      Lots of people were up in arms recently about “men in dresses” in women’s toilets and changing rooms. Some of them cited those cases where those assigned male at birth, some having in part transitioned, have assaulted women in toilets. Some collect such cases. Given that I do not want anyone to generalise from such cases to me- I have never assaulted a woman in a lavatory- I will not generalise from one shooter to a whole religion.

      Liberals, eh?


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