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I will vote to remain in the EU. Well, would you want to follow Donald Trump’s advice?

I think we are marginally better off inside the EU. For example, the Social Chapter of workers’ and other rights: initially John Major’s Conservative Government sought an opt-out from those rights, then Mr Blair surrendered the opt-out. Rights which are seen as normal and essential across the EU are rejected by British Conservatives. Workers will have fewer rights in an independent Britain.

My friend will vote leave because she believes independence would give greater opportunity if radical grass-roots organisations appear. We have always had them, the diggers and the Chartists, and now there are Transition Towns. I feel we would not be independent, but as constrained by international trade treaties as we are now.

My chief reason for voting Remain is deep loathing of the far-Right Out campaigners. I have just received a leaflet from Grassroots Out. UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage MEP, sets out the case for leaving… EU open door immigration has been a complete disaster for British workers. The over-supply of cheap foreign labour in the unskilled labour market has compressed wages, and pushed down wages for many in this country.

Stay in: “Irresponsible”, “Dangerous”. Leave: “Safe, sensible”. Ridiculous lies: but refuting them takes time and patience, so Farage whips up hatred so his dupes will not listen.

The other technique which made me very angry indeed- even if I break both legs the day before, I will vote Remain- is to pick an issue voters care about, and make a false link between it and the Leave campaign. Two Conservative back-benchers proposed an amendment in the Queen’s Speech debate, seeking to protect the NHS from TTIP, which they presented as an EU scheme. As John Major said, the NHS is as safe with these people as your pet gerbil with a hungry python. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership indeed threatens NHS privatisation, and the end of legal protection for the environment, consumers and workers- but our way to mitigate its threat is inside the EU. We would be considerably worse off outside the EU.

Now they say we could spend the £350m a day British taxes administered through the EU to the NHS. Leave campaign leaders would far rather give it in tax cuts for the most wealthy, giving it to the NHS would mean ending all farming subsidy and a great deal other spending in Britain, and leaving may lead to recession– we would have less for public services not more.

Here’s the thing: I don’t know, and I don’t particularly trust the speakers. How you describe a particular statistic affects how it looks to a lay-person. The anger, fear and misinformation washing round is as bad as the Trump campaign.

Titian, Bacchanal of the Andrians

21 thoughts on “Vote remain

  1. Date to vote approaching fast for you. There was recently another try for the Leave vote using the Commonwealth and the nostalgia for the old “British Empire” upon which collaboration of all sorts was possible for Britain within the Commonwealth. Certainly, the Commonwealth has a natural or rather historically bound allegiance for Britain and it is rather a pity the bonds weakened in past decades…still not a reason to vote Leave I think…to vote one needs to consider the reality the pros and cons of EU…good luck!

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    • There will always be strong cultural links with the Commonwealth. I have known Caribbean, Canadian, Kiwi and Australian people, and people who have gone to those places; and my uncle spent time in Canada. And our links to Europe are much stronger, now, and you are closer to South-East Asia and Oceania.


    • I would say, globalisation against the interests of the workers by hand and by brain. The benefit of labour goes to capital. Pressure to increase productivity reduces the bargaining power of workers. Refugees travel because the powerful make life in some places impossible.


            • The context helps- thank you- links would have been more useful. Do you mean this? That site does not appear particularly balanced- its strapline, inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out is a striking misperception.


            • Google tells me the word is Romanised to hijrah, from the journey of Mohammed to Yathrib/Medina.

              Would you have a look at this site? It is an Islamic site, giving a great deal of detail about living among disbelievers. My question for you is, how prevalent do you believe these views are among the refugees, and how serious a threat do you believe they are to European culture? Could you propose better sites for understanding the issue?

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            • Look up David Wood on You Tube.
              The 24 minute video I recommend everyone to watch is titled, “The Three Stages of Jihad”. Each is grounded clearly in Quranic doctrine and referenced. Hadith references are from the one Hadith all Muslims believe to be the most accurate.
              I posted this on my site last evening well.


            • 24 minutes is a long time. Could you summarise it for me? My main question is, how grave do you believe the threat to be? And- since this post is about the UK EU referendum, do you think we would be better off voting leave or remain?


            • Not verbatim , but I will summarize the basic three stages.
              Stage one is passive, “we just want to relocate here.”
              Stage two demands shariah, prayer rooms, Mosques, banning alchohol within a large radius of Mosques, and so on.
              Stage three is aggressive displacement of all non- believers, gangs, rape, you name it. Creating posted no-go zones of Shariah law and Institute shariah police. Clamp down on non-compliant Muslims, showing too much hair from under hijab scarfs, and so on.


            • This is a problem radical feminists have. Many of the policies they desire are also desired by religious conservatives, and it is difficult but necessary to explain that the grounds are quite different. You promote “Christ Centered Teaching”- what do you think of this advert? Do you find it too sexy, as a Christian? With my amateur photographer’s eye, I notice that the camera was at the model’s crotch level: the audience are looking up at her.
              beach body ready
              Sadiq Khan opposes this advert because it promotes negative body image. It makes women feel inadequate, and promotes a feminine ideal which is unhealthily skinny. It’s not that it might turn men on, but that it might negatively affect women. The advertising steering group will include Christians and atheists; the Mayor’s office is not powerful, but Mr Khan still does not have time to micromanage advertising.


            • Thank you.

              Isolated facts are escaping about the Orlando massacre, and still about the Stanford rape prosecution. How those facts are presented- even if they are not merely untrue- can strongly affect the message people take from them. I would tend to see this story as “Muslim mayor advancing priorities of left-liberal secularism”- which might offend hijrahists. Here’s Ideal Muslimah arguing that women should help make [men’s] life in this world pleasurable with beautiful women, and noting the attraction of a high hip to waist ratio.


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