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Why should you not cycle in a dress? Well, it might catch in the chain, so the back wheel jams, and you go over the handlebars as the dress is torn from you. But that is unlikely. Actually the buttoned front stuck on a clamp on the frame, but I freed it easily enough. At another time the torch I was using as a headlight showed its objection to the juddering by going out- but I hit it, and it came back on.

-Yer shawn yer knickers! shouted a woman from a car. This was unlikely, as I was sitting on my dress. Hurrah! I shouted back.

I had many worthwhile conversations at YM, and then after lunch on Monday I was satiated. I have nothing more to say, nothing more to share. I walked towards the baggage store, and saw Jeffrey. I said that to him. “I have nothing to say! but that it is lovely to see you, and hear you.” He and his wife smiled, and we hugged, and I went on. I collected my bag, and went to the door. This is a definite change of way of being, walking out that door- many felt it; the clerks warned that even though we are at Yearly Meeting, we are in the centre of London, and please challenge anyone without a name badge. There is that sense of being out of the normal world. Yet, it is complete for me. It has been wonderful. I walked away.

In the train, a man got out a book on the philosophy of aesthetics, and I read a bit over his shoulder. I got chatting by saying how fascinating that looked. Friends House had been giving out remaindered books for free, so I was reading one: I gave it to him. Who knows, he might read it.

When I met R in the tea-shop, we saw we had made a difference, and feel rightly proud. Previously we had loudly mocked the feedback slips, which had read “Your opinion matter’s to us”. The ones now available read “Your opinions matter to us”.

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  1. Cycling in a dress? That’s why “ladies’„ bicycles have a low frame. And why many “Dutch„ bicycles have a skirt guard over the rear wheel. Here, in Montréal, a lot of girls and ladies do cycle wearing a dress or a skirt. Not for “serious„ cycling, of course, but for everyday transportation on a bicycle.

    In fact, the most dangerous piece of garment would be a long hanging scarf.

    Go on, Clare!

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    • Not absolutely any skirt, perhaps. Very full ankle-length skirts might be a bit dodgy. My friend was perturbed that my former bicycle had a man’s frame, and is much happier with this one even though it is heavier. Dismounting, bringing my left leg in front of the saddle rather than cocking it behind, is pleasanter too. More “feminine”, even.


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