With trans folk

I was aware of the photographer moving round the room, taking pictures of the people there. When her lens seemed to take me in, I was intensely conscious of it, sitting more erect, taking care of my facial expression. I did not stare at the lens or unsubtly take over the picture, paying attention to the person actually speaking,  but I did consider how I looked.

After, she said, “You have a beautiful smile. You smile with your eyes. Your whole face lights up when you smile.” Tell me more, I thought.

You know, I would have thought this would be easy to write about, and it isn’t, and this was Thursday, and I will post this at my usual time because I have not written any more. Today has been beautifully sunny and I did my washing then read more of The Iliad but did not write this.

I was so concerned. What impression am I giving? Is it the right impression, a safe impression? And yet- I like cameras- and I was aware of that too. And I did not mind. This feels like progress.

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