A New Story for Humanity

Those mature, spiritual people at The Findhorn Foundation have produced a film Inspired by the New Story Summit at the Findhorn Foundation: a sold-out multicultural, multigenerational enquiry into a new story for humanity, attended by change makers and activists from over 50 countries.

It may only be watched on Vimeo. It’s quite long, so I watched the chapter on Gender.

“Being heard, being felt, being seen by men as your genuine self, as a woman” says a voice. Inspiring, no? The problem is it’s a man’s baritone voice: I doubt it’s a trans woman. I want to be seen by people, not just men.If it is a trans woman, it panders to stereotypes, that we do not resemble women, that we are fantasists. It is not ideal, but still the more we resemble cis women the more accepted we are. That level of emphasis continues through all the speakers.

We watch a ritual take place. We see men queuing up, and I think women are queuing too: in the centre of the circle a man meets a woman, binds something to her brow, then they hug.

Then there’s a woman. From the very beginning to be allowed to live in unison, in one with her blood recognising it, respecting it and allowing it to flow into mother Earth, and again gaining new strength.

Blood flowing into the ground? I like this, speaking so clearly about menstruation.

Now, a man: Women have been turned into a material possession for consumerism, for consumption, for sales. Does this not apply to men too? Have women no agency? A man speaks for us-

Woman, not seen: Women, in my country they are so, so oppressed.

Yes. And that is not the whole story, not the part to be emphasised in this Spiritual way.

Man: Women have a right to be angry, to lash out at the inequality,

(Gosh! Thanks!)

but a smart woman

(now he’s going to tell us what to do-)

would rather find a way to heal the inequality than to swing the pendulum in the other direction.

I don’t think there is any chance of that.

Woman: I wanted to help women to be part of solution, not victim, not problem

Previous man: We swung one way really hard the last few millennia, where the masculine has dominated, the patriarchy they say.

Ooh! Buzzword! ThANK YoU!!

Man: I just pray for this pattern to be released, of the macho, dominating, um, sexually abusing pattern that us western males carry

Again, agency. Poor men, suffering with this pattern of sexually abusing women- as if it is not the individual’s fault, and the individual’s responsibility to correct it. Don’t abuse women! Is it really that difficult?

Previous man: A woman in her power, in her genuineness, and there’s nothing sexier than that, nothing more appealing than that.

I am so glad I turn him on. I feel fulfilled! This man talks to men about how he sees women, and they should too. If I asked him what the women think, he might not get the point of the question.

Man: Someone beautifully said that the shift into the current civilisation really happened because of a rift between the male and the female and that’s what they symbol represents I think that both men and women have a responsibility

telling us what to do again

to embody both

I will embody my own self. No more, no less. Others complement me, for we all have different gifts.

Woman, I think: The journey for me is to keep these two parts in communication in my heart.

Man: He should now know there’s a man and woman- inside of him.

Woman: I feel I am a man as much as I am a woman. There is no separation.

She, at least, is doing what she’s told.

Previous man, wide eyed, shaking his head: There is nothing more sacred than that union between men and women.

Oh, brilliant. Lesbians and gay men are clearly less.

Woman: The stars have spent lifetimes trying to reach us with the message that our light can inspire solar systems if we let it shine like the moon’s reflection of her sons and daughters Great-Great grandfathers and mothers foretold this time of great blessing and slaughter when we decide between drought and drowning in water arising like mists from rivers toxic with dreams give birth to rain water and fall pure to the Earth

She made the most sense of the lot of them.

Evelyn de Morgan, Eos

9 thoughts on “A New Story for Humanity

  1. A question for you, Clare: How do you respond to a man opening/holding a door for you? Most women seem to like it, but one shot me a dirty look years ago. The next day I did the wrong thing and let the door close in her face as she carried her boxes. Holding the door for her again would have been perfect.


    • Cadmus Harmonia Evelyn de MorganBoth are by Evelyn de Morgan, a late pre-Raphaelite. I thought her work perfect for this: the first is Gabriel piping to the souls in Hell, just as Findhorn is telling the benighted world about Spiritual Truth and how to live. Ick, you say, to the painting. Ick, I say to the film. I have used her a bit, over the years- what do you think of Cadmus?


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