Peak trans

Peak trans is that moment when a trans woman does something you find unpleasant or objectionable, which is your licence to loathe, mock and berate all trans women for ever after. Because she’s always that nasty and stupid, and they’re all like that, all the time: misogynist, domineering, self-centred, masculine, and for them it’s all about them. Peak trans is hash tags and websites where women can share these stories and say, well, I was a liberal feminist and pro-trans, or at least not completely hostile until I met one and got revolted. Because they are revolting. Or until I read something on the internet.

Let’s consider some “Peak trans” claims. Google for the quotes, if you really must.

And I may not be correct here in assuming this but considering autogynephilia IS a paraphilia along with pedophilia it makes perfect sense that these MtT are attracted to underage girls. Some of them are even twisted enough to fantasize that they ARE teenage girls inside their own heads.

MtT is “Male to Trans”. She is well down the rabbit hole, perhaps never tolerant of trans women. Her “Peak trans” moment was when she first heard of the concept and was revolted- but rather than thinking, this is a human being, she sought out justification for her hostility. Considering mice are mammals along with elephants, perhaps mice can weigh several tons. Or perhaps not.

I found myself thinking that maybe I ( a socialist) will vote for Cruz because at least then he will appoint conservative judges who won’t give in to the bathroom bullshit. What the hell world am I living in that I actually have that thought???

A world where hating trans women is more important to you than not starting wars, not teaching Creationism as science, or women having access to abortion.

This woman self-identified as a trans man for a bit, but changed her mind. The final crack was seeing a trans woman I used to follow, post a photo of herself in a nice dress, for a night out. Something really irked me about it: she stood in a ridiculous little-girl pose (she’s middle aged), complete with high heel slightly raised in the air. I didn’t see an empowered woman. I saw a man in a dress, mocking women. So that trans woman should dress to please other women, not herself? She goes on, Now I read on here every day. It makes me feel confident, supported, and even loved. I LOVE feeling like I’ve found answers, but most importantly, community with like-minded women. Because when you are in a cult defined around identifying yourself as persecuted and another group as deserving to be hated simply for a single characteristic they share, your hate is addictive. Beware addictions which distract you from your real-life problems.

I have been calling this the trans-cult for a long time. I lost my partner of 5 years to it, 5 years ago and he has ruined his life as a result. Perhaps our union wasn’t going to last anyway but he actually severed it by following this cult online and eventually going behind my back to get hormones from his doctor.

People often dislike former partners, but you are claiming she should be an entirely different person because you don’t like who she actually is, and feeling betrayed when she does not obey. She’s lucky to have left. Doctors should not prescribe your partner medicine without your say-so? What?

My first peak trans moment came with the forcing of the label ‘cis woman.’ What would you prefer? “Women, and trans women”? “Cis woman” is only necessary to distinguish from trans women- normally “woman” is perfectly fine for both.

Thank God for “peak trans”- these TERFs will make women trans-friendly because of their extremism.

Caravaggio St Catherine

2 thoughts on “Peak trans

  1. I had to stop reading because right off the bat you assume that females who experience peak trans were transphobic previously and that their “peak trans” moment must have come from one experience with a trans woman. You’re telling other people what females think; your pathologizing other people’s thought process, and females happened to be oppressed so yeah it’s psychologically-messed-up.
    Here’s some truth, straight from the real-world:
    As a female who reached peak trans multiple times, I was never scared of trans people for being trans and I never gave a shit about anyone’s genitals. I still respect anyone as long as they aren’t an abusive asshole. Which is most of you, people are sadistic and judgmental in general.
    I presume you’ve never heard of Kinsey, you don’t know shit about the history of psychology and you seriously neglect that the violence committed against trans people is still mostly committed by males.
    Stop getting your sense of reality from the internet and TV. Ignorance like this is going to destroy the planet.
    This is similar to the way men say “You can’t hold the actions of one man against all of us.”
    Seriously, just replace the word “trans-women” with “men” and you sound like a rapist/abuser defending male violence and patriarchy.
    For fuck sake, it is well documented that powerful-males created and indoctrinated us into transphobia, sexism, racism, classism and social-Darwinism in order to divide and conquer. Despite your modern-attitude, the past is relevant whether you want to admit it or not: Stop blaming women for assimilating into the mentality of our male-oppressors.
    And can one of you pornsick-SJWs study history?
    Can you please stop berating and gaslighting females for having their own opinions and stop defending a bunch of male predators?
    I don’t care what a bunch of brain-washed-teenagers think about gender. Let’s wait five years for their frontal lobes to develop and see what their “gender identity” is.
    And, clearly the writer has never looked into the trans people who oppose gender-identity-theory. Look, gender identity is nothing new and the whole definition of gender identity is arguably sexist-fascism.
    Gender was constructed to subjugate females, there’s a whole history here and females have a right to criticize that which they find oppressive.
    I refuse to conform and distort reality just because it’s not socially-acceptable to the superficial-liberal-feminist-majority. That’s right, you’re conforming Claire…call it “social justice” but you’re supporting that patriarchy and imperialism, and you’re doing it well.
    Males don’t get to define what woman is anymore…not if I can help it.
    And I’m also over being polite.
    Forget anyone who buys into this transactivist-fascist-corporate-bull-shit. Although, that’s kind of hard; the liberal-feminists have a lot of power now.


    • Welcome, Erin, and thank you for commenting.

      I am sorry you stopped reading. I am not here dealing with history or theory, but with what women actually say. You don’t know what I understand about patriarchy, or even, from this one post, what I understand about trans theory.

      I wish you well.


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