The perfect me too

When Jesus said, Be perfect, therefore, as God who birthed you is perfect, he meant God just is. Just be you.

One could read the line with bits of St Paul saying salvation is impossible without God; but for me it means we are made good- enough.

Bronzino, detail from an altarpiece 1

I wrote yesterday’s post this morning. I am always tired after such emotional wrestling. I look at the blue sky ruefully through the window: I am allowed just to rest.

I think you are extremely brave, she wrote, and she is intelligent, perceptive, truthful. Accept it. I am intelligent, perceptive, truthful too.

On the inclusive language, I find God the Parent gauche, God the Mother imitative, so I thought, go the whole way with a visceral image. I don’t want to bore, I want to shock- and delight those open to it.

I am allowed to recover like this. I have time, and I am using it well.

Tired. Just, tired. Walk? Telly? Read? Doze? Write another recognition of my good qualities- but, I have done that before. What I know I need not assert, now. So here is Quaker philosopher John Macmurray writing in the Scottish Journal of Theology 1956. Someone shared it on facebook and I liked it.

Christianity finds [people] at enmity with one another and concludes that which is required is a reconciliation. It thinks in terms of regeneration, of the salvation of the world, of the transformation of human motives. The natural state of [humanity] is one of fellowship in love and trust; if that is not [the] actual state then something has gone wrong which ought to be put right. That is the work of God, Christ and Christian.

“There is nothing that can be believed that is not an image of the truth.” Blake: “perfection” and perfection. We are perfect. Breathe it in.

Bronzino, detail from an altarpiece 2

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