A radical feminist

Dear Storyending,

I don’t need you to read this. I don’t want anything from you. I would love you to see me as an ally, but don’t think that’s possible. Occasionally, [you] even see self-proclaimed radical feminists taking on male points of view when under pressure: some radical feminists are traitors to your cause. No wonder you link to VHEMT, the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, who point out Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth’s biosphere to return to good health.

I don’t know if you are lesbian, but perhaps you know some lesbian couples who stay together for something more than habit with mutual loathing. Can you imagine a happy couple? Might one man somewhere love his wife? The truth is that all men hate all women. It might be seething violent hate manifesting openly in criminal behaviour against women. But it can also be as hidden as an undersized testicle, no one finding out about it until the right set of circumstances put you into direct contact with it…even men who are clear or visible members of Oppressed Groups™ hate them too.

I like what you say about quotes there, and note the sting: I teach my writing students that, unless their essays are specifically about discussing the ideas inherent in a particular quote, to try to avoid using quotes altogether because it breeds a dependency on them and a lack of originality in thinking. My problems with quotes are multi-fold. First, most things have been said before in different ways by many people. Second, men frequently get credit for things that were most likely said by women first…  You are a teacher?

Men in groups that are hurt by society are unable to feel anything for other marginalized groups– You see no possibility of empathy, so I cannot convince you that I understand when you write, trannies, in particular men and boys who feel squishy inside and think that squishiness is an essential and defining female quality. You are speculating about an M-F trans child carrying out a school shooting. You say it is men that are violent, not women, and indeed there is a study showing M-F’s criminal convictions are the same as men’s, though it was a tiny number of people, a long time ago. That “squishy” thing, it is not how you are, it may be a false cliche about women, and you resent it. I doubt you could see it in us as soft rather than squishy, something gentle, and good, a ground for hope for an alternative to humanity dying out.

I go there and see “Likes” from The Arbourist- a male radical feminist- and RSITM, and wish we could get along, and that I and people like me were not the focus of such rage, but seen as ridiculous but mostly harmless. I feel there are more important battles for feminism to fight. You make enemies of the women who tolerate us.

8 thoughts on “A radical feminist

    • I should have said. It goes back to Kate’s “Pretendbian” post: when Pink first commented, he did not realise she supported the TERF view. Storyending, ahem, cast doubt on his intelligence and reading skills, then said Kate’s blog was “not a safe space”. He posted on it, and I went to her blog from there.


    • @VW

      Well hello there VW, still needing to grind that axe? 🙂

      ” Arb ‘likes’ a post saying all men hate all women.”

      The historical record of misogyny and violence against women makes a strong case for the point in question.

      Again it would seem that you are taking a generalization and applying on the individual level. shrugs Been there, done that particular conversation.


      • Oh, Wow! The Arbourist! I am honoured, sir, honoured, to have a person of your erudition, intellect, and brilliance of expression commenting here. Thank You! Welcome!

        Let’s see what you liked.

        Not just “all men hate all women”- that’s you, that is, you admitting that, even though you only know about yourself, you admit you hate your wife; a poor man can show support for a gay man, but is open about his rape fantasies of lesbians or watches ‘lesbian’ porn…men of any and all groups will take the PTSD of male soldiers seriously, but will have a laugh about or just dismiss the rape of female soldiers by these same male soldiers….

        Oh, dear. The Arbourist, a rape-apologist and rape-fantasist. Who would have thought it?

        Perhaps you think she did not mean it. Yes, she did. All women, women as a class – the XX people – no matter where in the world they live, what language they speak, what colour their skin is, how much money they have, how attractive or intelligent or able they are, or what they are wearing

        Are held against their will and nature, through violence and the threat of violence, under sex-based oppression

        By all men, men as a class – the XY people – no matter where in the world they live, what language they speak, what colour their skin is, how much money they have, how attractive or intelligent or able they are, or what they are wearing.

        But all of those details aren’t necessary. The basic premise includes all of that by definition. By all women, we mean all women. And by all men, we mean all men. Period.

        The blood is on your hands.

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      • Seriously Arb, I do have to wonder when you ‘like’ a post that says such things what is going on in your mind – just why you are so attracted to such a rabid form of man-blaming feminism. The women I’ve seen who are attracted to it have been seriously hurt by men, that’s why they identify with it, and can’t see anything but their pain in front of them. How could you possibly identify with it AND agree with posts saying all men hate all women (not a generalisation, but a global condemnation)?

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        • There’s something behind that dynamic that we don’t yet know… If someone he knows happens to be one of those people who was hurt, he may have taken it upon himself to “support them” without question.
          The problem is, it’s incredibly unhealthy. No one overcomes a traumatic event by entering a vicious circle of blame and recrimination- especially not one that wrongly assigns blame.
          The TERF’s on twitter spread all sorts of nonsense. One of them started by telling me 1 in 3 women are raped. Minutes later another said 1 in 5 women are raped. I was shocked by the number. Very shocked, so started doing a bit of research to see what studies support those numbers. Incredibly dodgy methodology in various cases. In some the definition of sexual assault (NOT rape) is incredibly broad. Even the authors of one of the studies warn the number should not be used as generally representative: http://time.com/3633903/campus-rape-1-in-5-sexual-assault-setting-record-straight/
          … and the problem with using dodgy numbers to make a claim is that it undermines the real problem. Women do get raped in large numbers. In Africa it’s an epidemic. By turning the debate into a dog and pony show, as the TERF’s do, they actually turn people away from feminism.


      • All men hate all women? Goodness me. I don’t know if you’re disturbed or under-educated, or a combination of both things.
        I’ve always adored women. Starting with my cousin, the phenomenal (woman) Lucila Lins: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/103213/Four-generations-of-family-die-in-plane-crash
        She’s dead now, evidently, but helped me shape myself in every possible way. One of which was to be blunt; and in that spirit let me just say your internet pursuits of the pseudo-intellectual variety are utterly futile.
        You’re not pushing women’s rights forward- at all. You’re simply pursuing a narcissistic sense of self worth based on tribalism. That’s how RS makes herself feel important and worthwhile as well.

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