In the locker room

The trans girl is in the girls’ locker room, in a cubicle with a curtain for privacy. Should the curtain be closed? Whose decision should that be?

The child retains her penis. Some teenagers can have puberty blockers- not without risk, but less risk than true-gender hormones, less final than surgery. She might want to be private about that, or no more private than the other girls, just getting changed together.

She might be less risk than a lesbian for staring at the other girls and getting aroused, if arousal is thought to be a risk to the cis girls. Androphile trans women claim they are more likely to transition young than us gynephiles. The trans girl is as attracted to boys as the other girls in the locker room. Teenagers have to learn to cope with not acting on arousal, both boys and girls.

Does she breach the other girls’ privacy?

There seem to be two principle risks in the minds of the transphobes: that the trans girl herself will assault other girls, or someone will pretend to be trans in order to get access to girls. But being trans is not necessarily attractive to girls. Judge us for what we do, not for what someone fears we might do. The hard right’s need to “protect” girls from people like me is a threat to me. People can get violent if they feel a need to “protect children”.

Whose decision should that be? The girl’s, herself. If she does not want to show her penis to the other girls, she should be entitled to her privacy. Forcing her to close the curtain, as if she were a threat, is harmful to her wellbeing, as her mother said.

Illinois school district 211 kept their federal funding, $6m of it. All the school pupils who spoke out, spoke in the trans girl’s favour. On other websites you will read what “Americans for everything Americans love” or whatever they call themselves- they would not call themselves “Transphobic Bullies Against Trans girls”- said. Ooh, ooh, they said something horrible! You will not read that here. You can imagine it. You know it’s bullying rubbish.

Her mother wrote, We knew that a big factor in whether our daughter would be fully accepted by her peers was whether the High School would treat her as a girl in all respects. If she was segregated, forced to use separate facilities, it would signal to others that it was acceptable to treat her differently. Not everyone would, of course- only the bullying cowards.

Trans children are normal and well-adjusted, if allowed to transition socially: see this research. This is International Women’s Day.

transgender penis tucked bikini yacht

One thought on “In the locker room

  1. Boring idiocy ahead.

    The problem you have, that all homosexuals have…

    Is that each person’s sexual identity isn’t something we can decide at, say, age 12 or 21. We don’t get to choose whether or not we want to have, whether we’re going to have a single heart or maybe an alternate design, two smaller hearts, one on each side of our chest. And I’ve heard that a cross-hatch chest bone structure would provide more protection than the rib system we have. Again my point, we don’t get to decide these things, our basic design as well as who we are going to be are decided well before we are born into this world.

    And something else, we owe. We owe God. We haven’t made ourselves, God made us and he owns us (though he complains he’s not all that sure he want’s too.) About that, the jury’s still out. He wants people who want him, and the other’s can remain the property of the god-of-this-world. (That would be the devil.) And though God would like everyone to like him, to love him, he’s willing to let us make our own choice in this important matter.

    Now maybe you’re thinking that for a myriad of reasons some come into this world with various handicap’s, some physical, some mental, and some, no doubt, have orientation issues. (I learned this from someone I met a few years ago.) No fault of her’s, she prefer’s women. It seems she was born this way.

    Let’s look at this…

    Some will just make the convenient choice, but what does God say?, what did Jesus say?, that we’re responsible to obey God no matter our circumstances. We can’t in every situation, that’s the simple truth. And about that, we’re too follow Jesus, which means that when we fall down we are to get up and continue on. This is called being a Christian, and their is no life without Jesus.

    I know, you think that’s not true, that their is. Well, like I said, without Jesus, their is no life, Not for nothing he’s called the “Light of this world.”

    And why did he come to earth? For me, for you, for each of us. And what does the Bible say?, that he was asked why he had come and responded that (one reason,) was to destroy the works of the devil.

    So don’t ignore him. Jesus is your only hope, he actually is the only hope this world has.

    Silly Someone! What makes you imagine I ignore Jesus?


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