Aura reading

She had a message for me, from some spiritual source. Sometimes, she gets these messages and the imperative to pass them on. She would tell me of the colours of my aura. My path is the violet ray, one of the most difficult paths.

Some years ago my aura would have been silver, that is, merely reflective, hiding my true nature. She would not want to engage with someone like that because they are not telling their truth to her.

Now, my aura is green and brown. Brown means attachment to material things. In the end, my aura will be purple, purely spiritual. I should wear amethyst for protection.

I was taken aback by this, by her intensity and certainty of the message itself, and by the message. I liked the thought of being spiritual. Possibly, I should just have heard it and left it, to percolate in my unconscious; but I treasure such things, so wrote it down.

When I saw her next day, I asked her what green meant: I had forgotten green, and it is often what I forget that is the most important part. She tells me green means growth. This means I am taking in energy from others, in order to grow. I do not want to be dependent- but what I heard then was forgiveness for my dependent state. And brown also means grounded, for we are material beings and material things are important.

Indeed it is not concern for material things that is spiritually problematic, but fear for the future held back by a belief that material things protect us from threat and an undue concern to accumulate material things and make permanent ones access to them: for no thing is permanent. But this is a thought I have had afterwards.

Then, I thought that her reading was not difficult to make. I had said I was trans, and she probably saw it before anyway. So self-concealment, at least in my own understanding, would fit. As for now, I am Quaker so of course would see spiritual growth as important; and some concern for material things is necessary, though it is a balance, and ones concern may be too great or too little. I am not sure what the violet path or purple aura would mean.

Though my thought after her first discussion was that the path will unfold and speculation about what later parts of it will look like get in the way of seeing where I am, and I value that thought.

I wondered if the purple related to the rainbow, or the crown chakra. She told me of a meditation, consciously calling my own energy back to me, and shedding energy I had absorbed from others. Worry without progress can use energy. These metaphors seem useful to me.

What do the colours mean? Here I learn that violet is the most sensitive colour, revealing psychic power, intuitive, visionary, magical, artistic. Yay! Here violet is also attunement with self, futuristic and idealistic. Though silver, there, means other than she said. Here is one page on the violet ray.

aura colours

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