Channelling anger

Here’s Julie Bindel, the trans eraser, on being no-platformed. She is the victim, she claims. She divides us into the good trans, who co-operate with her, and the bad trans who disagree. When we are liberated, she calls that “oppressive”. She says “This isn’t about the transgender issue” but it is- when you keep talking and writing about trans, that’s about trans. She minimises her offence: she claims her 2004 article used “inappropriate humour”, but does not mention her transphobic rant on Radio 4 in 2013.

Then the comments. “Hecuba” harangues her for being too moderate: This is why we real Radical Feminists refuse to refer to biological males who pretend they are females as ‘she.’ It isn’t ‘basic manners’ Bindel it is a refusal to accept male lies they are really females in a male body. But you know this already Bindel yet you continue to try and ‘have it both ways’ by pandering to the men and pretending you are a real Radical Feminist.

Maria speaks up for us: for those who need to have the world in binary black and white, truth and lie, good and bad, such liberal acceptance of complexity is both threatening and incomprehensible. And then the pile-on begins: twenty responses, including one describing Caitlyn Jenner as “a Republican who just killed someone”. It was a car crash. All charges were dropped. Victims in the third car sued the estate of the dead woman. “Jo” misrepresents the case to make the trans woman a monster.

Then there was the Independent article. In the comments, I read we are deluded perverts, and if we object that is called “narcissistic rage”. We need to be protected from our sick desire to be mutilated. The most threatening thing said is that children who we might inveigle into following us into desiring mutilation need to be protected from us.

My facebook friend has just had her operation. She is an adult, and she and her female partner together can make their own choices. Her psychiatrists and surgeon are clear that this is the appropriate treatment.

I speak up for the liberal acceptance of complexity. I wanted transition more than anything else in the world. I cannot imagine reverting. I want to live my life quietly.

There is a great deal of anger and fear. People fear for our jobs, and our standard of living. Our anger is diverted against acceptable targets: for the right wing, immigrants and benefit claimants; but for these radical feminists, the might of the patriarchy is too large a target, so a huge amount of the anger is diverted against trans women.

I wonder if Hecuba has ever met a trans woman. What did that trans woman do to her, to justify that outpouring of rage against Julie Bindel for not being transphobic enough? She may suffer all sorts of issues personally, sex discrimination, sexist remarks, yet I am her target.

If you cut me I bleed. Rants about trans folk are about me, and they frighten me. If you need to vent anger fear or frustration on the internet, vent it at the actual problem, the immediate cause of your anger. When people share incitement against trans women on the internet, and vent their anger pointlessly there, they only become more powerless.

Monet, Red boats at Argenteuil

6 thoughts on “Channelling anger

  1. Just as a side thing, I reckon one of the best sayings I’ve heard that could be related to channeling anger comes from the movie “The First Wives Club” on uselessness of anger so “Don’t get mad, get everything” an advice went to an angry wife in the middle of a divorce… 😀


  2. I get the feeling that lots of people have been saying very nasty inflammatory things on all sides of this, and have pushed each other into extreme ideological corners. People who fight against discrimination in some areas of life, and who should be natural allies, make horrible statements based on some irrational prejudice or bad experience with an individual, face righteous rage that confirms their bias and ignites their anger to make even more horrible statements, which are received with more rage, and lashing out commences. Does that sound right? I’m impressed with how calm you remain. Although the whole thing is so much nonsense, it would be comical if it didn’t devastate (which it undoubtedly does) individuals. And the silence? Who knows what’s going on there.


    • I am mostly calm because I get it. I see the reasons for the anger. I have been mulling over what you said about when you were an undergraduate, and it fits this article on what men say to women on line, but the on-line is much much worse. Quotes there are quite sickening. We need more of the actual quotes to show how bad it is.

      I want to be an ally even to the most extreme excluders- apart from on the trans issue. I want to counter the injustice, and humanise myself. And for me it is not particularly threatening: in real life friends are OK, and when I take off my cycle helmet and put on my wig by the bike stands in the town, there is no great hubbub.

      Keeping calm is winsome, and that matters too.

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