Civil War in Oregon

-This is a call-out, an alert, to all patriots and constitutionalists in Oregon… We are doing a patriot convoy in Burns Oregon…
-A marine veteran calls on other veterans to “protect the constitution”
-The US Government is charging a rancher with terrorism for burning grass.

A group of men with guns has occupied the headquarters of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, a Federal building, after calling for armed “Militia” to support them. Three hundred people, militia from several US States and local people, marched to protest, then between 15, as journalists say, and 150, as the occupiers claim, took over the building, which includes a museum and offices for the Malheur Lake migratory bird habitat. Some Militia members have denounced the occupation. The occupiers claim Federal land ownership in the county is illegal, and demand the land be returned to local ranchers and loggers.

Al-Jazeera claims there is a double standard: the National Guard put down protests in Ferguson while the whole country watched- as did we, in the UK- but the Federal authorities are not acting on this occupation yet. I found D. Raven’s comments there intriguing: he comments from an extreme right wing position against the occupation. But those h’icks are in violation of our laws and against the people of the US. It is time we put them down and end their bulls’hit. If they don’t like it, then get the f uc k out, they should return to s’hithole ireland or germany cuz none are of Anglo roots, fact I am a patriot, Vet too, and I despise motherf uc kers like that with misguided ideas about freedom. Sorry, s’hitheads, but they are recipients of govt. funding, they are people on welfare on a larger scale.

News has reached Britain, where one of the hicks claims you have no free speech unless you carry a gun- he said something about the US Constitution, I think. Comments like The American Revolution began with a single shot. Will history repeat itself? and Commenters like TrumpsMilitia, St Louis Combat Team show the fantasy level. This Ferguson allusion revolted me: Wait… you can protest and show civil disobedience WITHOUT looting and torching everything to the ground?!

Here’s the Sydney Morning Herald, where I read the fearless Revolutionaries want to shut down the bird sanctuary, established in 1908.

5 thoughts on “Civil War in Oregon

    • I don’t get it. I don’t get two prosecution systems, so that one would sentence to three months then the other raise it to five years; or taking guns to a peaceful protest; or even how one might excuse burning fifty hectares of land. I hope they don’t hurt the birds.


  1. There is no double standard, occupying public property is a tried and true protest tactic that people use all the time: Occupy Wall Street, students taking over campuses, the protests in Madison WI in 2011, etc. Usually the authorities are extremely tolerant of such things. I think too tolerant, but it is a judgement call that is not mine to make.
    Ferguson is a bad analogy. It might have been a protest by day but it was a riot by night. Like most inner city riots, it was about the destruction of both public and private property, burning cop cars and looting – especially Asian-owned businesses. Property levels drop and locally owned businesses suffer most, wiping out whatever wealth the working poor in the neighborhood have managed to acquire. Riots need to be put down immediately, with force if necessary, but mayors are usually too cowardly to take action.


    • You know, I wrote about this when a fbfnd shared a report of it, saying these people are trying to start a civil war. Then there is the Al-Jazeera question of whether reporting it shows media bias. I come round to seeing it as: 300 people stage protest, fifteen continue more than one day. Not really news-worthy.

      I wonder about bluff-calling. Just use the building as normal, engage the protesters in conversation, if they did point a gun say, “You don’t really want to shoot someone, do you?” Too risky? Have I been watching too much TV drama?


      • People jump all over this sort of story because to their minds it is a symbol of tribal affiliation. If you are of the rural yeoman class you tend to identify with the Bundy family, if you are of the urban clerical class you see them as the embodiment of all that is wrong with America. So the whole thing gets blown out of proportion.


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