“Stop Trans Chauvinism”

TERF warning. Stop Trans Chauvinism is a site reblogging Trans-Erasing rants. What is the pick of the TERFs over the last few days? They claim “misogyny, homophobia and racism in trans activism” and publicise a vast number of reblogs from TERFs- six on 22 December alone.

Normally they publish just the start of a post, but publish the whole of a study of outcomes of transition from 2011. “Genderwipesthefingerprints” gives a very short introduction saying, sex reassignment is positively correlated with a far higher risk of death and a greater number of suicide attempts. Tragic stuff. Correlated in part because of the hate spread by her site; and the study cannot say how we would fare without GRS.

The study found 804 diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, of whom 380 had GRS and changed the gender indicator on their National Registration Number (NRN), between 1973 and 2003. Death and morbidity were not significantly greater in the first ten years, but were, after. As the “Discussion” in the study notes, the overall mortality rate was only significantly increased for the group operated before 1989. However, the latter might also be explained by improved health care for transsexual persons during 1990s, along with altered societal attitudes towards persons with different gender expressions. Bad news for the TERFs, then: there is less hate; and for us: hate kills. After 2004, the NRN ceased to record gender.

So, a bit of gloating and a misleading introduction from Stop Trans Chauvinism. The study also indicates the tiny number with gender dysphoria: why are the TERFs so obsessed with us? A better introduction to the study is here.

Headline: Do trans activists realise they enable this kind of misogyny and self hatred? The “self-hatred” consists of referring to breasts as “gross chest tumors” and to the vagina as the “rape gash”. But 4thwavenow is quoting a comment by a trans man. That’s not misogyny and self-hatred, but gender dysphoria. We hate our physical sex characteristics. That’s what the diagnosis means. The person quoted is forty, well able to make up his own mind. 4thwavenow is the mother of a teenager who formerly identified as FtM, but has decided against transition. She asks, Why wouldn’t someone who actually cares about “trans” people celebrate a teenager who won’t have to endure years of injections and surgeries? It would be like a cancer patient becoming enraged when another patient goes into remission. No, it would be like a cancer patient enraged when another patient refuses treatment. I can’t know whether 4thwavenow’s child will transition later in life- whether the gender dysphoria was a passing teenage phase, or a matter of identity which the mother has rejected, to the child’s lasting harm. But neither can she, “Stop Trans Chauvinism”, or the laughing TERFs reading that bullshit.

I always seek common ground with the most extreme haters, and here I find a link to Anti-porn feminists. I too am opposed to pornography, because of the risk of STD and physical damage to women whose penetration is depicted, as well as the objectification of women; but the post linked is a quote, a slab of text from The Colour of Pomegranates, a “radical feminism/ marxism” blog. In post-modernity, pornography is just another “text” representing another narrative that no competing narrative can claim superiority over …If reality, truth and meaning are socially constructed (van Zon, 2013) then it makes sense that the reality that pornography is detrimental can be obscured. So- what? Post-modernity and Post-modernism are therefore a bad thing? Opposition to pornography cannot continue? I use post-modern thought-processes. I oppose pornography. I am inconsistent- again, so what?

And: feminine and masculine expression are socially constructed too. Post-modernism is an essential feminist tool.

On anti-porn feminists, I found this comment: the automatic response from most people is to dismiss you as an anti-sex prude. Is it? I hear the feeling of being a beleaguered minority: is that how it really is, and does that contribute to the TERFs’ vehemence and hatred against us? Most people accept me as an honorary woman.

Maria Miller MP, chair of the Women and Equalities committee inquiry into trans people, said: “What has been most shocking is to hear the personal experiences of trans people who have had almost had to accept the unacceptable: which is day-to-day abuse on the street by members of the public shouting at them, and almost having to accept that is part of their life,” she says. “That is not acceptable.” Take heart. Powerful voices support us.

Changing, today, from El Greco to Raphael.

Raffaelo Santi, The Holy Family

6 thoughts on ““Stop Trans Chauvinism”

  1. I’ll have to come back and read this again, there’s lots here. It’s all quite sad. Sad that people can’t see the pain of other people in comments and statements they disagree with, and that they have to set themselves up in angry opposition. There’s a comment on one of the posts that I think says it all:
    “This woman wasn’t talking about you or your daughter. She was just expressing her pain. I’ve never thought of my vagina as a “rape gash.” She must be very traumatized. It’s very sad to see, and I wish her well.”

    Lots of people who’ve been through different horrible events, lashing out at a group of people, any group of people, seems to make them feel better. For a while at least. And I can understand that other people with a different set of traumas get offended and lash back at them. But it’s all kind of silly on some level, forgetting to see individuals, and choosing not to acknowledge pain.

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    • I think VW says it well. Let me just break what she says down into two ideologies:
      Group A is for the right to personal autonomy, letting each person choose their own path in life.
      Group B does the opposite. They believe there should be no personal choice, and people should submit to the tenets of their ideology.
      Group B often flips what’s happening around and says that it’s group A who wants to impose a totalitarian model, except group A is very happy group B believe whatever it likes as long as they don’t impose it on other groups, and each citizen is free to make their own choices.


      • There is the theoretical possibility that “Genderwipesthefingerprints” might be in a public convenience at the same time as a trans woman. She finds that thought icky. But I find her reaction somewhat out of proportion.


    • “This woman” is a trans man. His intention is to defend 4thwavenow’s child from her ideology, revolted at the thought of transition.

      It is all about transition. I have done it. I have had a vaginoplasty. Hormones have made my breasts grow. I recognise that transition is inconceivable for most people- it makes mere same sex sexual activity seem perfectly normal by comparison- but assert that there is a tiny minority for whom transition is right, and I am one of them, that mocked commenter is one of them, and just possibly 4thwavenow’s child is. So if that child transitions later, their mother will have caused a great deal of unnecessary suffering through her intransigence.

      Having suffered the trauma of parental rejection, I see someone else suffering it and the mother crowing and exulting about it. I would not comment, she would not hear me. That trans man tried.

      My friend’s friend’s teenage child currently self-identifies as F-M, and their mother is revolted, as is my friend. Teenagers have to be able to make their own mistakes. Too strong resistance from the mother may create a rebellious determination in the child. The child, left to make their own decisions, will not come to great harm: it is a long road before medication, and if medication is wrong the child will realise that long before taking it. But the mother will cause trauma by resisting, if the child’s case is that rare case where it is right.

      That’s why we call them trans erasing. They erase us. They cannot accept that we are capable of making our own decisions, or knowing ourselves; they assert that we are something entirely different from the person I know I am.

      The pronouns for both teenagers indicate I am not making a definite decision about the gender of the child, I do not have the information.


      • ‘“This woman” is a trans man.’
        That totally bypassed me, obvious though it is. So in sharing those seeming sympathetic and kind words, the commenter was passing judgement and dealing a blow. You shouldn’t hang round places like that, it can’t be good for your sense of self. So much bitterness and pain, and so much misdirected anger.


        • I went there because the woman I love said she had found this brilliant site and was learning so much about trans people. So we’re going to see The Danish Girl next week. That should be interesting.

          That commenter is kinder than the others. I used to care about this stuff, now I just find it interesting. When someone screams at you “You’re a monster” repeatedly, at first it might worry you a bit but then it becomes merely odd, not even that unpleasant. Today they are plotting to make the next revision of the International Classification of Diseases pathologise us again, after all the nastier stuff has been removed from the draft. I hope they have lots of fun.


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