Merry Christmas III

With Domenikos the Greek, exiled to Spain.

El Greco, The Nativity

The centre of the Nativity is the Mother and Child. He glows, and she is overcome with Love. There is the darkness of the stable, but always the beauty and the Love. No angels are needed here.

El Greco, The Holy Family

Here Jesus is slightly older, on solids. I love his hair! Her face- she is overwhelmed by Events, but also courageous, able to face all that comes.

El Greco, The Holy Family

And just as there is the darkness of the stable, there is also always the Glory of Heaven.

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas III

  1. I trust your Christmas Day was filled with light, Clare – I went to the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney and was filled with delight and positive energy to last me a long time, still buzzing with it 🙂 Happy New Year!


    • I have loved Cathedral Eucharists.

      I spent Christmas day alone; and I have something weighing on my mind which I only allude to here: I have some secrets! I did not go to the parish church Eucharist because I feared getting emotional, and do not usually worship there. I phoned the Samaritans. I was fortunate to speak to a particularly loving and empathetic person, and my perplexity- the poison in my pain- drained away.

      So, yes! A good day, filled with light. Happy new year.

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      • You know, funny thing between the churches/cathedral and I – I do not frequent them at all as within them much rules made by mortals (and sinners) but on vital days like Christmas I love going there to draw in some more positive energy of the faith installed in me through the notion of the almighty God/power. Keep well and be true to thne self is the best way to be 🙂


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