Being affirmed

Henry Meynell Rheam, the Lady of ShalottWhen she wanted to spend time with me, I felt wonderful; that is my power, soft power, power from being lovely rather than from dangling promises and stoking need. The only power I wanted.

Then someone cancelled our meeting planned for Wednesday evening, on Wednesday morning. On Thursday I phoned the GIC: the psychotherapist had not turned up two weeks ago: had they rearranged? They had an appointment booked for me on Friday which they had neglected to tell me about. However, on Friday morning they phoned to cancel as she had called in sick.

That was a blow. I thought, I anticipated affirmation from these encounters. I need affirmation. So I observed this on facebook, and Waterhouse, the Lady of Shalott looking at Lancelotgot back I affirm you … you are one of the bravest and most amazing people that I have ever come across .. and fun too ! x Though another stated that it was for me to affirm myself. Well, yes. I had thought of doing mirror exercises and have not.

I felt lacking in energy, and did not do much yesterday (Friday, when I started writing this). Maybe I should think on that Behavioural Activation thing. It was really good when a friend popped over. The living room, with bits of paper just dropped and not tidied since 5 September, was a mess but that was alright.

Enough Lady of Shalott. Waterhouse, left, is better than Rheam, above. Hughes, below, has something in the face. I rather like the myth, and if you know better paintings please share.

Arthur Hughes, the Lady of Shalott

3 thoughts on “Being affirmed

  1. I reckon practicing “You are affirmed” (or something like that, in front of mirror might bring some acceptable results. While Travis Bickle (De Niro/ Taxi Driver) was making himself ready for a confrontation when he faced the mirror practicing “you talkin to me!”, there’s sense in that courage-making process 😀


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