The Die-hards

Amazingly, there are some people who still think Christianity and “respect for the Bible” requires them to be homophobes? They look at some of the verses about LGBT- not David and Jonathan, obviously, or Ruth and Naomi, but the other ones- and think God Disapproves, and so should they. They do not consider the verses unequivocally supporting slavery mean that God’s Will is that there should be slavery, but you see they would have been stupid or conservative enough to do so in 1865, or even 1900.

What are we to do? How might they be brought to see the truth about God, who does not share their hatred? There is very little we can do. To my patient explanations, they respond with undigested and misunderstood slabs of Biblical text, and paranoid allegations of persecution, or patronising invitations to deny God like they do, and assertions that only they are Christian. The more I point out Biblical truth to them, the more they retreat into unbiblical delusion.

All I can do is shake the dust off my feet, and leave them behind.

Venus at her toilet

6 thoughts on “The Die-hards

  1. Great attitude at the end of article, Clare. That which you cannot control or have no say in forming and it turns you off – turn around and walk away. That is a grand skill/courage to have. One wonders whether the “race” to be “God’s best” on Earth as thought up by mere mortals who were/are organising religions to suit their personal or otherwise pursuits, is the actual culprit for the moving away from real God’s teachings and loves? God loves us all and some just can’t bear that so they point the finger at those different to them – I think.


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