I would rather have died than not transitioned. I wanted to die. I had planned to transition, then realised I absolutely had to, Now, when I found myself envying a dying woman. I would have swapped lives with her.

I get read, all the time. Not everyone reads me, but most spot it quickly. I would love to drop into conversation that I am trans, and have someone actually surprised. Sîan might not have spotted it: I was so hot that I took my wig off, and she asked me if I had had cancer- then how did you lose your hair? Stress, I said. If the explanation that I am trans had not occurred to her then, perhaps it would not after.

I don’t know if I would have decided to transition if I had not known of others who had. I cross-dressed without knowing about other people. I might have just dressed female at home. I would have carried on, ashamed and terrified.

I don’t think I have reached my potential. I have been aware of other trans people, had a great deal of support and acceptance, and still suffered shame, and the derision or hatred of a few; and one man could not remain my friend, because he could not see me as a woman.

The Scottish Catholic bishops yesterday apologised to the victims of priests’ sexual abuse. It is a mean, lying apology- deliberately covering up abuse, and attempting to avoid paying proper compensation, is not merely “slow, unsympathetic and uncaring”, but criminal. Yet when I heard of it, I felt such rage. Overwhelmed by the anger of Catholics and others, they make this belated apology, yet they continue to abuse and stunt trans children with their wicked lying teaching that gender reassignment surgery (GRS) and hormone treatments distort the God-designed and God-created human body to the extent that it is a very serious sin.

I wondered what they gained from it. Faced with a person doing something which harms no-one else, which makes them happier, they condemn- to what end? Then there is the evidence of psychological studies that psychotherapy to make someone accept their assigned sex does not work.

Faced with the facts which refute their false understanding of the world, their response is a blank denial. Why? Would they feel uncomfortable to admit they were wrong? Do they wish to simplify God’s creation, and simply deny the bits they do not like? Or do they feel threatened by someone doing something which they would not want to do themselves?

They gain nothing. I enrich the lives of everyone who knows me with my unique perspective on life- just like every free human being. Keith O’Brien, talented enough to be a cardinal, crushed by having to deny his sexuality into a corrupt predator, could have given so much to his church if it had not denied his God-given being. Some people even still oppose equal marriage! They fill me with horror and contempt.

Degas, the milliner's shop

6 thoughts on “Transphobia

  1. It is interesting that you opine that Keith O’Brien was crushed ….but he did not have to join the Catholic church, and it is, after all, the Catholic Church, which sees deep virtue in tradition because it is tradition.

    People who feel comfortable with tradition will maintain it. As you say, that attitude is no more God given than any other, and indeed, many indigenous belief systems allow for not only M/F duality, but many shades in between. So, why do the Catholic church maintain that nonsense about sin, and guilt, and so on? Because they always have. They do not refute the concept of sin, but merely shift its shadow, so that it casts its darkness over different things, from time to time.

    Personally, I think Pope Francis suspects that sin is due an overhaul…. 🙂 xxx


    • I have not analysed O’Brien in great depth. He called homosexuality a “moral degradation”. I don’t know why he joined the priesthood- perhaps the power of the position attracted him- but the homophobia of the church affects even its gay members. It affected me. I was terribly ashamed.

      So instead of being out, and self-accepting, O’Brien was crushed into this position of shame and concealment, without which he might not have been that corrupt predator. That is what I meant. Institutional homophobia crushed him into being a corrupt predator, when he might have avoided that fate.

      You know, I misread one of your sentences as “people who feel comfortable with transition will maintain it”. That is true too.

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  2. Yes….thank you. I know what you meant, honey pie. Yes, I know…..but I guess, at this point I’m a bit tired of the argument that the situation makes us what we are. Just from my particular standpoint, just now, that argument is losing its appeal. We all have insight, but we often choose to ignore it.

    Have a wonderful day. What is that delightful orb I spy in the sky? Ah, the sun, the sun! XXX 😀


    • You see, I have sympathy for the man. He persecuted other gay men by upholding the lies of his organisation; he exploited the vulnerability of men who were in his power as a bishop. I pity him because he could not see that the homophobia of that cabal was not monstrous, and silly.

      Or, perhaps he could, and nothing he said had any honour or truth in it. I do not like to believe anyone is merely a hypocrite.

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