Mustn’t grumble II

-it could be worse.

Today, I have saved myself £8.49 by reading my water meter. The water company sent a plumber round to see if I could save water, who put a mechanism in the cistern so I could use less water flushing and gave me a smaller washing up bowl. I have used thirty m3 of water in just under seven months, that is 30,000 litres or 150 litres a day: I don’t fancy carrying it five miles on my head. That is about low/ average in the UK, about 77p a day. The charges went up 10% on 1 April.

I cycled 25 miles on Tuesday, including two on minor roads which turned out to be stony and unmetalled- silent, beautiful trees, but boneshaking and unpleasant. It took about two hours and forty minutes- so I cycled not quite the distance of a marathon in more than the time top athletes would run one. I could not find the “historic church”- has the sign been turned round? I thought of cycling a similar distance this afternoon but did not get round to it.

I don’t want to be a glass half full person! I want to be a glass overflowing person!

I typed some emails about Quakers this morning. Yesterday, I did one about the knotty problem of arrangements for business meetings next year. It is knotty because there are underlying issues. This actually took much of the morning, though perhaps it could have been done in less time had I had less. I spend a lot of time thinking about clerking.

I had a nap in the afternoon. Yes, yes, small children and old people, but-

He called me a “Cross-dresser”! What? Well, cross, certainly-

I watched two episodes of Person of Interest, which has only got to season 3 in the UK. It is reassuring to have clear goodies and baddies, and the mindless violence is quite fun, and the political message- the baddie was a corporate bigwig, making lots of money- fits my politics.

Should I apply for that job? It is a move of 300 miles north, for a contract lasting six months. I would be a professional tranny- campaigning, training and lobbying about hate crime against the trans community. It might shake me out of my rut, and given that a trans woman would be good for the role they might be more likely to look more favourably on my work history.

That can make me miserable. But that is no reason to stop it- I am, after all, angry and miserable most of the time… H does not have cancer, and having worried so much about seeing the consultant does not feel much better now.

I read a bit.

One of my first questions in any situation is, how am I wrong? I don’t despise myself as much as I did; I am still dissatisfied. I can’t see a way to improve my life, particularly, and have less fear than I had that it could get much much worse.

I have been coughing for about four weeks. It sounds dreadful, but I don’t feel otherwise debilitated. I took off the UK Biobank activity monitor. For a week, it has monitored the duration frequency and intensity of all my activity, not just exercise as I had thought, by measuring speed of movement in three dimensions. I wore it out of some desire to do something useful, and now from my movements they will know that I sometimes do not shower until the afternoon. Though I have not yet sent it back…

Human givens.

Delacroix, The Winter - Juno Beseeches Aeolus to Destroy Ulysses' Fleet

8 thoughts on “Mustn’t grumble II

  1. We’re lucky that our water supply is not metered, so I don’t conserve water as much as I probably should. I wish I could say the same about our electricity and internet/phone connection.


          • Electricity costs us around NZ$12.00 per day during winter. Most of our heating is by a wood-burner which costs about NZ$700.00 per year for wood and chimney cleaning.

            We’ll stick with wood in the the meanwhile as it is more carbon neutral than gas. If we ever can raise the funds to install heat pumps, we’ll probably do that, as several electricity providers here use 100% renewable resources (hydro, wind, and geothermal).

            We are lucky that we have around 15 electricity providers in our area to choose from, and we swap providers whenever one of them offers a better deal. In fact we have a better choice of electricity providers than we have telecommunications providers.


  2. Our water supply in Spain is the foundation of our living there. We have a deep underground source and have to pump up to a deposit.We can monitor our use by how often we have to put the pump on and thank goodness that is powered by our solar now. I certainly wouldn’t want to collect it by hand, head .. So I guess we can count ourselves more fortunate than those who struggle for adequate water. Sounds like you have some tough decisions to make but I personally love the North!


    • When I was a child in the 1970s, we lived on a farm road. We used a supply from the river. One dry Summer the farmer had insufficient rain for his cows, so turned off our supply, and we brought water by car from the village three miles away.

      Edinburgh is a wonderful city.


      • So you learnt the value of water early on! I just turned on a tap as a London child who wandered free around the reservoirs and Thames and really learnt about the value of water while in India. Edinburgh is beautiful and I have a beautiful friend there too. So far away…


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