Everything is beautiful II

I wrote on facebook,

Our mistakes, errors and failures
are beautiful

and Hazel wrote, “Mine aren’t.” Oh, Hazel!

Right now, consumed with shame, I wonder whether anyone has wasted her life and talents as badly as I. I have no job, house, children, savings, pension- prospects- I maunder away my life, bored and resentful, watching TV, dozing off, writing here.

(Attentive readers will notice the word “partner” is missing from that oft-repeated list. I have gone out a few times with someone. I would love to say “I am going out with” her, and only avoid that from fear of being presumptuous.)

Onywye. I reason myself out of my shame, and I feel my way out of it. I have always done my best. I could almost say, they are not mistakes, errors and failures, but attempts. They have been my best shot given my knowledge, understanding, levels of energy and motivation at the time. And if there is so much that I am not attempting, now-

my hurt is real. It is not, just, that I am weak, and should pull myself together. “I get on with life” said Neil, and I said, “Well, so did I, until I stopped”. That stopping, that Moment-

I thought I should cycle on the ball of my foot, rather than the instep, so put up my bicycle seat. Cycling felt wonderful. I noted that sometimes I was slipping my arse from side to side, and it felt like it could hurt my back- Dean later told me the seat too high can hurt the back, not necessarily for this reason. My metal pedals have a side with a bit of grip, so it will grip my toe rather than sliding down to the instep. Next day I climbed to the top of St Pauls, and that evening felt something go in the back of my ankle- I was frightened my ligament was damaged. The day after that, exuberantly I started pas de basque, and felt something go in my ankle again.

I watched other people cycling- not races on telly but people in the park, and the South Bank of the Thames, and ruefully saw that they all cycle on the instep. Though Dean says the power should come from the calf muscle.

Friday night I tried cycling. My ankle feels alright. I decided to leave the seat up, and do that nine mile run. I was monitoring my back, thighs, knees, legs, taking care, taking reasonable risk.

I showed courage. When my inner critic denies this- I know enough not to project her denial onto you-  I say I had experienced pain, and feared I had damaged myself, and doing the same thing scares me, quite reasonably. Yet I did it, safely enough. I am proud of myself.

How wonderful to learn to value myself and take care of myself! I am not just listening to the voice saying “Fucking get on with it you useless prick, there should be nothing to it for anyone not as worthless as you…”

How wonderful to achieve what I have, when I did not know this! That stopping, that Moment

It was the best thing I have ever done!

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5 thoughts on “Everything is beautiful II

  1. Hmmm. No cross this time. Just a man-made monolith with a pure copper lightning rod to the ground. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere.:)


  2. I suppose one way to silence the hostile inner critic is to accept it is there, and then watch it, knowing that it speaks from fear – and that fear is another expression of love.

    You have a wonderful smile, that expresses love. You are beautiful, so you need do nothing in order to justify your existence. You know this too, yet say you have squandered your talents……etc….. which is more of the inner critic surfacing.

    When you are bored or resentful, you do something – you cycle, walk, sing, write, ponder and notice – and in that, there is pride and joy and moving forward. Which is doing something lovely.

    Sorry for the sermon.



    • I am scared. How am I going to support myself? Mr Duncan-Smith cannot be trusted to do it indefinitely. And I am ashamed- I am working through that.

      I feel that rationally I have the answer: I have always done my best. Part of my work is reducing the shame, accepting myself and the situation: like cleaning an oil slick from a marsh, and bringing back the wild-life. It takes time and can be done.

      From you, sermons are welcome. I preached at AM today, from the clerk’s table. I quoted the A&Q about “we do not seek consensus” and told them Unity is possible- I have experienced our united great Yes in South Wales AM and Hardshaw East MM, but less so here. Actually, they liked the passion.

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