A party

I met a sex therapist- she has a boring day job, but that is what lights her fire. She said much of her work involves helping people realise that what they believe they want, or ought to like, is not what they really like, then find out what they really want from a partner, overcoming all their shame and taboos. Well, of course. I want to be someone else, and am not alone in this. Carl Rogers was right about the self-concept. I asked her for a hug, and she gave a close, warm hug lasting some time- a borderline cuddle. After, I noticed a man looking at us appreciatively. I pulled away when I felt I might get aroused, so there is my boundary.

I told her I am submissive, and she explored it with me. That could be a problem if- Well, my eyes are open. I want this experience for the experience itself, the other person, my actual feelings, and not for any imagined thing which should happen.

Most of the people there were actors. One is bowled over by working with [Famousperson]. Wow, I said. He has huge artistic integrity. And he has made serious amounts of dosh. That is important. The actor nodded, we are in complete agreement there. Someone called him up, and asked him to do his []. So he did, and he was invited to an audition, and then to another, and he met FP, in fact they had lunch together. And they could drop him at any time, and the project might not go ahead. I don’t know if this is superstition or managing expectations. It is a big break for him, and very important: but when playing the role he has to concentrate on the role itself, and not its importance to him, which is a mere distraction. Athletes will understand this, but it applies to everybody.

Another actor told me about recording audio drama. He gets only his own lines, and records them with an engineer/producer (I am unsure of the technicalities). M says, “Try it another way”, that’s his thing. If all the actors were present at once it would be far more expensive. The next actors will have his lines to interact with. For radio drama, they all stand round a microphone. He thought it quite brave of me to come to a party where I knew so few: I had just gone up to him and his wife, and asked to start talking. Brave, but it worked.

There were a hundred people there. Our host stood on a chair and spoke of his love for his wife, and how they had met, and she cried with happiness.

Charles Le Brun, the descent from the cross

7 thoughts on “A party

    • Yeah. No relation at all.

      I have thought less about what picture to include, and just made series. Taking down from the cross is my second series; my first series was eight paintings by Lucas Cranach the Elder, a sissy-submissive, of his assertive female partner in the 16th century. Perhaps I should think more about paintings, or perhaps…

      I do like including paintings, though.

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      • Interesting point though, most submissives I have met are very dominant outside of the bedchamber. What was Lucas like, I wonder.


        • That’s interesting. It was certainly the cliché or stereotype I heard, that a man with a powerful job, like Max Mosley, relaxed by getting “dominated”. But it was only “What I heard”. How many submissives like that do you know?


          • Only two personally but it also seemed to be the consensus of the… “group?” I was friends with. Although the number of Dom’s I knew who were actually submissive outside of the game were about 7 of them so I assumed the opposite was true.


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