Those Tory policies in full

Well, what can we expect from a Government with the ringing endorsement of 25% of the electorate?

Repeal of the Human Rights Act. “Human rights are not for prisoners, transsexuals and weirdos,” Theresa May, Home Secretary, told the Daily Mail. “Human rights are for the nice people, like Mail readers. And if ever you thought you needed a human rights lawyer, perhaps we would find you had never been one of the nice people in the first place.” The germ of this post was satire: but the genuine quotes are in italics, such as David Cameron’s gem Britain has been a passively tolerant country for too long. Oh God, here come the plans to criminalise or restrict ever more association and speech.

Return of hanging. The Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, has more ideas than removing local authority support for schools and turning them over to private companies. He wrote, Hanging may seem barbarous, but the greater barbarity lies in the slow abandonment of our common law traditions. Priti Patel, new junior minister at the DWP, also supports hanging: I do think that when we have a criminal justice system that continuously fails in the country and where we have seen murderers and rapists … reoffend and do those crimes again and again I think that’s appalling.

On that basis alone I would support the reintroduction of capital punishment to serve as a deterrent. We hope she does not mean for benefit claimants.

Making work pay. Can’t live on a minimum wage zero hours contract? Iain Duncan Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary, has the answer. Within the first two years of the Conservative government, everyone on JSA for more than six months will receive a personally tailored sanction, removing their income. He described the 87,588 sanctions issued in July 2014 alone as “only the start”. You will find that your zero hours contract is “better than nothing”. He has not, yet, proposed hanging for jobseekers, but does treat them worse than prisoners on day-release.

Stopping progress to equality. Caroline Dinenage is now minister for Equalities at the Department for Education. She voted against equal marriage, but said “I support gay marriage now,” gritting her teeth. As well as wanting to cut the BBC, the new Culture Secretary also hates gays.

A sense of purpose for our children. Secretary of State Liz Truss says, I have seen too many chaotic settings in nurseries, where children are running around. There’s no sense of purpose.

Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary and former Hulture Secretary, wants a return of fox hunting. “Fox hunting is the perfect symbol of our new Compassionate Conservatism”, he said. In places that should be devoted to patients, where compassion should be uppermost, we find its very opposite: a coldness, resentment, indifference, even contempt. Such as the Health Department’s ministerial team.

Oliver Letwin, minister of State for the Cabinet Office, has already stated Conservative plans for health.

The end of Arts faculties in universities. Nicky Morgan, secretary of State for education, says, If you wanted to do something, or even if you didn’t know what you wanted to do, then the arts and humanities were what you chose because they were useful for all kinds of jobs. Of course, we know now that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Well, it’s a blog. Mostly cribbed from The Guardian. In his last term, Mr Cameron’s inspiration was Mrs Thatcher; but now, why not Arthur Wellesley? Here is what he wrote about Peterloo:

It is very clear to me that they won’t be quiet until a large number of them bite the dust, as the French say, till some of their leaders are hanged, which would be a most fortunate result.

Wax vanitas


9 thoughts on “Those Tory policies in full

  1. What can we do? It’ll be a big mess, then the next government will be Labour and they’ll be disappointing and so on and so on. I’m going to join the Electoral Reform Society .


    • Cameron’s announcement is insane.

      Any Muslim will be angry about the deaths of Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere. Most of them won’t be doing anything about it, and slightly embarrassed by the extremists who think that wotsisname is the Caliph, and want to go and fight. But if Mr Cameron and Mrs May divide them into “Good Muslims” and “Extremists”, the ones called “Good Muslims” may well feel angrier, embarrassed not to be doing more, and controlled and oppressed by the mostly White Government which has, after all, repeatedly sent soldiers to kill Muslims.

      Cameron says “We’re the good guys. We use guns and that’s Good. If you think of defending people you care about you are bad, extremist, enemies.”


      • Missed that, I’m a bit out of touch. Just went to the Guardian to see they’re bringing back fox hunting. Can’t wait to see their NHS plans. At least this will all give the lib dem some credibility back, when people realise what they spared us.


  2. The last sentence seems like the fate such a team in government would deserve, although I wouldn’t think hanging in literal sense but political, but then again these buggers seem to rise, dust off and continue making people’s lives a misery. Don’t envy UK one single bit at this moment, sounds like a dangerous lot up there, threatening all plethora of rights and decencies…


      • I think New Zealand is cruising OK without any big waves, don’t hear much and I do know quite a few people there…Tony Abbott is a “funny” mix, very hard worker and intelligent. very sincere I think and yet he comes out from time to time with stuff that make your head shake in disbelief…I think he wee hold out in top job though

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    • To be quite clear: the quotes in italics are genuine quotes, mostly chosen by the Guardian to mock; the quotes in quotation marks are made up. The number of sanctions and the growth of food banks is terrifying. Other parties would have restricted zero-hours contracts, which effectively render all employment rights worthless, but not the Tories. And the State control of speech, monitoring our emails and restricting “Extremists”- Me, for opposing Trident?- threaten democracy.


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