Vote Green

With a heavy heart, I voted Labour.

My heart says vote Green, but with my constituency “too close to call”, with a risk of a Tory ousting the Labour MP, I had to vote Labour. The Conservatives, if returned, will gleefully eviscerate all public services, privatising all which they cannot yet destroy, and ensure wealth gushes up to the richest. There is no “trickle down”, all the leaks have been fixed.

The Labour party offers little hope. They will continue with austerity, though it harms the economy. They will not reverse any of the Tory damage, which ratchets us towards Oligarchichal capitalism. I only vote Labour because a Tory MP would be even worse. The Scottish National Party, if in coalition, may mitigate some of the harm Labour neglect would do.

The Green party offers hope. Getting rid of nuclear weapons is just part of our principled valuing people for more than just their value in the dog-eat-dog capitalist system and offering a genuine alternative for society, in which humanity may survive the threats to the climate and the biosphere.

May we soon follow New Zealand to a proportional system.

10 thoughts on “Vote Green

  1. Voting in the Scottish elections and the Westminster elections brings different considerations into play, doesn’t it? I was tempted to vote Labour because I don’t wish the return of the Lib/Cons coalition. What we might end up with is anyone’s guess. 🙂


    • More Scots Labour MPs would give greater legitimacy to a Labour/Nationalist coalition. The thing I dread is a grand coalition, Labour and Conservatives. 280 seats each might mean neither could make a different coalition.

      All your old followers will have stopped, and there is no longer a link from your comments here. I recommend all to go to

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      • Thanks Claire! Yes, I guess we are all wondering what will happen.

        Thanks for the pointer to So far as I can see, if anyone wants to get a post notification, they put a tick in the box below the post. ((XXXX))


    • The Conservatives have a majority- for repealing the Human Rights Act, further dismantling the benefits system and social services, and possibly pushing Scotland away, with the support of 25% of the electorate. The Greens had 1.6m votes and have one MP- we would have had more votes if many people did not vote tactically, as I did. This is not democracy. I want UKIP to have MPs proportionate to their 3.8m votes, because I want their voices heard, and hope that they will revolt people and not get elected again.

      The ghastly thing is that the right wing press will crow that Mr Miliband was extreme Left, so unelectable, whereas the SNP clear voice against austerity, clearly to the left of Labour, won, where Labour’s austerity with a few mitigations, not enough for any good, lost, as it is too little different from the Tory line.

      Oh God. Ranting again. I won’t sleep tonight.


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