Pillow Christians

A ‘pillow’ Christian is soft and accepting of all people, no matter their lifestyle. The alternative is to love people enough, and respect them enough to warn them there are eternal consequences for their moral choices. I heard that from this man. He deleted my comment, but I said something like,

Others want us not to marry, but you want us not to have  homes. I pray that God hardens your heart, so that people see your hatred, are repulsed by it, and come to God’s truth.

He emailed me. I am truly sorry, no one has had the courage to share these truths with you before. Well, people have. On the bus from Newport to Cardiff, a little runt of a man repeatedly evangelised passengers. He spoke to a woman and her partner threatened to thump him, and the driver threatened to throw him off. To avoid violence and out of interest, I talked to him. He rambled on about Christ, love, sin and hell, incoherently, in an impenetrable accent. And a colleague who believed all the rubbish which makes Evangelicals despised and ridiculed by reasonable, thoughtful people- creation less than 10,000 years ago, all that- tried to talk me into it. Fortunately, Christianity made me immune to such stuff.

I am a little worried at myself, shouting at the Internet like this. All that anger. Maybe it’s the election campaign. I would rather a useful outlet for all that energy, and found it in cycling to Swanston this morning: I was happy when I got there, with all that adrenalin used well.

I asked him, Have you any blog posts warning people of the eternal consequences of their choices, apart from gay people? Before he answered, I had a look, finding this insane comment about US Gun culture: God’s kingdom is within us, and the fruit of the Spirit within us are the strength and honor of this country. Self-control, meekness (strength under pressure), longsuffering, gentleness, patience. This is the heart of honor, the heart of the gospel, and the heart of America, that Jesus is developing in each of us. This is the love of God, and freedom worth defending.

This is the spirit of the 2nd Amendment, in right to bear arms. Should free citizens be allowed to own firearms to protect themselves, their families, and this country from enemies within or without. Emphatically, YES! He cites Jesus at the Last Supper, he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one, in support, and starts with a meme calling for armed guards in schools.

He also has a go at abortion, though only by reblogs: it is pre-meditated murder. He whines about the hypocrisy of the pro-abortion folks and the lengths they go to deny a baby is a baby but also says that Christians who have an abortion and repent will be forgiven. So that’s all right, then.

He claimed he had had a go against other sinners, listing ten posts. The first had nothing at all to do with bashing any particular sin, though it did have a vile picture of Christ on the cross covered in blood, and this silliness: Although the Bible says little about his first thirty years, the baby we celebrate at Christmas did not remain a child. Really? Amazing!

So I shout at the internet, and feel ashamed, but he feels he is being Christian and Loving. If it is loving to warn people of Hell, he can shout his hate at those he disapproves for ever, and call it Virtue!

The chief reason for not shouting at the unconverted about their Sin is that it does not work. It does not bring souls to Christ, it alienates them. It does not follow Jesus, who met people where they were with Love not thinly-disguised hatred. The sin will go as Jesus sanctifies the new believer, in His good time. Chris Walsh drives people from Christ.

Goya, fight with cudgels

11 thoughts on “Pillow Christians

  1. “It does not bring souls to Christ, it alienates them.” It’s something that either these people don’t understand or (God forbid) they don’t care about. It’s a real shame. But honey, it’s not shameful to you. I’m with you in hoping that people see the hatred as hatred and don’t get caught up in thinking that it is love.


    • Thank you. I am less and less ashamed, and now going to explore parts of my shadow which I had suppressed, other than my Queer nature. Everyone suppresses something.

      Love would tell of the Good news, that Christ died for us, and conviction of sin and emancipation from it would follow in God’s good time. Walsh and others want the gays to stop “sinning” not for the LGBT’s good, but for their own comfort. Which might make Walsh a “pillow Christian”- his Christianity is for his comfort, and for the good of no-one else.

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  2. I can never work out if these people use religion as a cover for their bigotry and horrible discrimination or if they genuinely believe that the bible trumps basic human and civil rights. I’m afraid the only truth I can tell ypu is that you are who you are, you can be who you want to be, and you have—or should have—the same rights as everyone else. (Regardless of race, religion, sex/gender, disability, etc whatever it is the small print says).

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    • Thank you. It is still good to be reminded of that.

      The indicator to me is that they do not see the Bible as I see it. For me it is a conversation. There are different views of God. In the first five books, they are called J,E, P and D, hence the two inconsistent creation myths, and later on we hear both “turn your swords into ploughshares”- Isaiah- and “Turn your ploughshares into swords”- Joel. Jesus’ new life embodies non-violence and no resistance, because resistance is met by the Roman empire with overwhelming force. It is a specific way of being for a specific situation.

      They see it as consistent, and backing their position. Only by reading it selectively and with wilful blindness is this possible.


    • I don’t think it is dense, so much as arrogant and contemptuous. It is not that he thinks it a good argument, but that no good argument is necessary. It gives the lie to his claim to be “loving”.

      I read today- in a book, citing sources, which I did not note- that religious beliefs make people claim to be more pro-social in their actions, but not to behave more pro-socially. One research project involved subjects passing an actor lying on the ground pretty much exactly like in the “Good Samaritan” story, and whether they were religious did not particularly correlate with whether they stopped to help. However people act more pro-socially if they think they are being watched, leading Richard Dawkins to question whether false religious belief was a good thing, as it encouraged otherwise ordinarily bad people to imagine God was watching them.


  3. Profound message. The honest true, I’m more concern with hypocritical Christians who are abusing the grace of God. Even the angels rejoice at one sinner’s repentance, therefore who are we to point fingers at them? We were not saved through our own perfection, but rather through mercy found in the blood of the lamb.



  4. It really seems to me he’s just trying to be as contemptuous as possible so he’ll bring more traffic to his blog. I’m from that part of the country and his state is a political mess with much credit going to people like him.


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