Grace Anarchy

It has been a long journey for me, away from my self-hatred and contempt. In the war within myself, religion has been on both sides. I love this:

It’s like we Christians love the idea of grace, but we don’t want it distributed indiscriminately- we want make rules about it and dole it out carefully and strategically. It’s like we’re worried that if everybody knows that she’s loved and accepted by God – it will be Grace Anarchy! I want that. I want Grace Anarchy. I want people to be free to be who they are. It makes sense to me that the free-er people are, the BETTER people are. I believe in people because I believe in God. I think God knew what God was doing when God made each of us.

Peter, who is over ninety, does not understand me. He asked me once whether F, who is lesbian and butch, was a man or a woman. I confuse him by arriving at the Quaker meeting in a cycle helmet then appearing later in my wig. Once, when I was overheated and he saw me without my helmet he thought I was a man. I was irritated. I thought, I do not want to explain to Peter. I could ask someone else to explain to him. So he came up to me, again, this morning, and said “I thought you were two people”. I told him I wear a wig, and took it off to show him. I did not start on being trans. Maybe later. Ernest, who is over ninety and nearly blind, mistakes my voice for a man’s.

It was much easier than I had feared. Just because he does not understand, does not mean he condemns. It has seemed to me he lives among so much that he does not understand, and I took that as an important lesson to keep as flexible in thought as I can, hearing the world view of the next generations: because I will still be around when the world is theirs.

My trust levels are low. I need to practise trust. It is alright. As I accept and trust others, I am freed. I could almost be glad that Peter asks: he is my example.

My friend confessed a compulsive obsession to me. I am so glad to hear it: it shows she trusts me. I am glad to be trustworthy.

Just for bloggers: I always use the useful editor, rather than the beep-boop, because the beep-boop does not always record posts, and is generally horrible. With The Penguin’s script, you can too. All links will go to the useable editor, rather than the beep-boop. WordPress is generally user-friendly, so its pointless, arrogant attack on its users irked me.

Eugénie Salanson-Marquise de Croix

4 thoughts on “Grace Anarchy

  1. You aren’t the only one to have been taken for a man. It frequently happens to tall short haired women. Society has a standard view of what women should look like. I feel your annoyance and irritation/frustration. As long as we see gender first, and people second, it will continue.

    I wonder if you will get more comments about berp berp? I go into the dashboard or admin or whatever it’s called. I also use text for posts not visual.


    • WordPress is fitting itself for use on mobiles, with short posts posted immediately. Anyone who wants to edit needs to be able to save a post. Sometimes the beep-boop does, sometimes it doesn’t.

      So, some of us can still access the “classic dashboard”. With firefox, if I put p in the address line its first suggestion is the posts list, its second add new post. All “classic”, ie usable. Still, Penguin’s script lets me click “edit” on “My sites” by the spark-line, or “edit” on a post, page or home-page, and go to the usable editor. So much better.

      On being taken for a man, I fear that the person will not correct themself when I challenge them.


  2. I like this Peter – he seems to ask so he does not offend, he seems to belong to the few who live by “live and let live” …huh, if all were like him Grace Anarchy would spread…but seems lots more to go before people let go of their limitations and just help each other, “sacrifice a garment or two so others can have them”…


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