What would you lose?

Not even a baker, just someone ranting on about how bakers who refuse cakes to gay couples are persecuted. So I asked her, what would you lose if you baked the cake? And she answered,

my fellowship with God.

She would be separated from Him and grieve the Holy Spirit. She would be demoralised. She would have sold out. In marrying, the gay couple are flaunting their sin and she must not approve or participate.

Wow. It is a poor thing to gain the World and lose my soul- no sanction or promise will beat that. She is like the brothers in 4 Maccabees. But gay couples are infinitely dangerous to her, carrying the risk of separation from God, because they flaunt their sin in other ways than by marrying- by handholding, or a peck on the cheek, perhaps. Imagine if she thought, well, that’s not so bad, really. Even such a thought might grieve the Holy Spirit.

And yet adulterous couples, marrying for a second time where the first spouse is still alive, do not bother her at all. She simply imagines that there is an excuse for such a marriage.

The thing about Eliazar and the seven brothers, though, is that they were subject to law. In Jesus, God is revealed as Love. However, she has an answer for this: love for the gay couple means proclaiming their sin, and shunning them as long as they persist with it. She “Loves” them by doing what anyone else would call hate.

She has an answer for everything. She is hermetically sealed from the Gospel. Her God is the God of Hell, delighting in torturing creation and calling it Love- made in her image, in fact.

I worried that she would be constantly needing to proclaim the sins of the people she meets, to avoid condoning that sin and betraying God; but only the gay couple, and only their sinful union, merit such condemnation. Everything else might have a perfectly innocent explanation.

This Slate article has a measured response to the ridiculous pizza restaurant which would not hold a gay wedding reception. And Gronda the Republican reassures me that not all US Christians are like that: I am just tired of these far right Christians giving other Christians like myself a bad name. I can’t help but believe that the my God That I know wants to welcome everyone into his arms including the poor, the sick, the sinner, the downtrodden, etc. no matter whether they are gay, from another religious background, the immigrant population, white or people of color or whatever. These far right peoples who call themselves Christians and spout their hate and bigotry are blocking this path and are doing real harm.HarpieI lock my bike to the bike-stands in the town centre, and affecting insouciance, take my wig from my saddle-bags, take off my helmet, mop my sweaty brow, and put my wig on.

Jayne thinks I should go into the toilets thirty yards away to do this. Someone might see me wigless and abuse me.

I have met a few arseholes who would abuse a complete stranger merely because I am trans. I will not fearfully constrain my life like this in case one is walking past Bright House and happens to notice me.

I met a man who had been walking through the station when someone psychotic leapt on his back and drew a razor blade across his forehead. He could have been blinded. Thereafter he was terrified to leave his house.

20 thoughts on “What would you lose?

  1. The truth is, you are being dishonest. You have truncated my statements and misled your audience by maligning my orthodox position. If you would stop rebelling against God’s Word, you would be able to see the truth. Because you insist on your own self made religion where God is, does, and approves of all that you prefer, you remain blind. I pray that for your own sake and the sake of all that hear your profession of Christian faith that you would repent and submit yourself under the authority of God’s inerrant Word. You do not know better than him and your opinions are not above his clear, unchanging Word.


    • Misled? Orthodox? You wrote, Baking the cake would cause me to grieve my own conscience as well as the Holy Spirit. I would lose fellowship with God because willful sin and compromise with the world separates us from Him. Selling out for the sake of people pleasing, fear, or being accepted by the world is demoralizing. I stand to lose more spiritually by participating than I do by refusing. That’s why the lady is willing to lose her life’s work in for this principle. True love sacrifices what is momentary to keep what is eternal.

      In reality, if you baked the cake with love in your heart, as Jesus would, you might win souls for Christ. Then you might have some right to say to your friend in Christ what you thought was her sin.

      You are insulated from Christ because you imagine you understand Him. You get, if you choose, one right of reply, which will not be worth my while answering. You will show your loveless fake Christ, made in your own image, for the worthless falsity it is.


    • I hope they get sued too.

      I have just finished A Week in December by Sebastian Faulks. In it, he suggests that Mohammed was schizophrenic, and the Koran is what his voices said. There is a lot of courage around, with people confronting Muslims.


  2. Something just hit me. I think it’s difficult to be angry with others if they all share cake. Heck, I’m an atheist, but I would totally chow down on someone’s Easter confection if invited. With all these people getting angry over what goes on it, nobody’s baking anyone cakes.

    And that’s a shame.


  3. In the bible, God condones the marriage of a brother to his sister, a woman marries her husband’s brother when he is killed, God condoned it, He also condoned a marraige between a man and wife and all her servants, and you’re afraid if you bake a cake for a lesbian, because you think you’ll go to hell…oh, also, you did know that there are so many other “rules” you are breaking in His word, right? I suppose you condone that though because it would seem archaic…you know the ones, eat only this that, cover your head, keep your mouth shut in church, and so on…oh wait, you think it’s OK to follow His word if it fits into your prejudices..your mindset…your image. Ahh, but you forgot the most important thing, the commandment He left us with to honor HIM, ‘love one another as I have loved you’, ‘the veil is torn, the old has passed away’…maybe you should actually sit down and read what you claim to follow so closely and get some insight on what God wants..maybe, just maybe, you’ll get it..love is love..love isn’t hate..put that in your Orthodox glass and sip on it a while, you may actually be enlightened and take a little bite of meat, there you go! …milk is for babies, it’s time you grew. Have a blessed day…I’ll pray for you.


  4. Indeed, all are invited to the Kingdom of Heaven but I think such persons who claim to be in “fellowship with God” get to sit in back rows there – man, some of the stuff they come up with that reeks of pure hatred not even God could come up with! Recently, I had an argument with one of those: was married/twice/ had kids in both and now she meets another man she wants to marry – IN CATHOLIC CHURCH – but because one of her previous marriages was in church she seeks to have that marriage annulled! That’s the way the church deals with such things like “divorce” – it simply annuls a marriage even if kids were born it it! Man made “law” – not God made law! One cannot annul a “place” where a child was born!


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