And, If

If I felt no pain
I would seek no growth

I like this, because of its rhetorical shape. Ten single-syllable words in two balanced phrases, the second echoing the first’s verb- no- noun structure.

Is it true? Dunno. Does it move or intrigue you? Does it provoke any thought?

My first post titled If made my friend “go shivery all over”.

3 thoughts on “And, If

  1. I think I understand the sentiment behind the quote. But for my part, I would seek growth even without experiencing pain. There are other motivators that can be just as inspiring, to me.


    • Oh Connie! It is lovely to have you back here!

      I was so tightly bound into my Manliness that I was unconscious of other impulses: so I would behave as if very easily hurt and not notice that. So all my growth from that state involved pain.


      • Yeah, it’s me. I hadn’t really dropped off the face of the earth.

        Oh, I can understand that. Pain has definitely fed my growth, too. I just think there are other ways to motivate growth.

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