Why vote UKIP?

Don’t, obviously- but I wanted to hear what they have to say for themselves, so bought Why Vote UKIP? written by Suzanne Evans, assisted by the chairman Steve Crowther and policy “guru” Tim Aker. Evans is a former Tory councillor and now deputy leader of UKIP.

The book is an angry whine of ignorance, without the self-knowledge to realise that. Evans confuses the European Court of Justice with the European Court of Human Rights. She appeals to the pub know-all: UKIP believes the government which is best is the government which governs least. To that end, she says the British taxpayer would not miss the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills so UKIP would close it, or at the very least scale it back. Whereas it fulfils the functions of the former Department for Trade and Industry.

If you sat with that pub bore and explained what DBIS does, he would accept it is worthwhile and should not just be abolished. Evans does not want to explain. She needs his ignorant anger. She feels he would also not miss the Department of Energy and Climate Change, though even she might think we need to plan what electricity generation we need, to avoid the lights going out. She is against wind and solar power, and in favour of fracking, whose proceeds she would invest in a “Sovereign Wealth Fund” rather than paying off the national debt.

She would also close the Department for International Development, which administers foreign aid. She mocks spending on children’s TV in Kenya or £80,000 on a study on the link between gender equality and growth in Nigeria. She cites the Daily Express, but this pdf might be the report she means: it is the kind of evidence needed for useful change.

“Green” is a term of contempt, and she would stop charities from lobbying government. That is political, not charitable. The charities include the World Wide Fund for Nature and Friends of the Earth, which provide “evidence” (her scare-quotes). “Green” is good only in “Green fields” which she claims the Government are wickedly turning into building sites. The effect of her policy would be to increase house prices and price more people out of decent housing.

She does not mention Trident, but “would keep out of foreign wars unless there is a clear danger to British interests or a strong moral justification for intervention”. This is typical of her pettish contempt: as if anyone would go to war except for that, or any politician calling for war since 1980 has not imagined that applies.

Multiculturalism is worse than environmentalism for her. She takes pride in Great Britons such as James Watson, and in our Empire ruling half (actually a quarter) of the world. Multiculturalism is hostile to British values like the stiff upper lip, and causes forced marriage and female genital mutilation. The answer is British values. Education should explain how we won [freedom] historically, how hard Britain has fought for it and why therefore it is of paramount importance.

You and me, we’re the good people, she croons. We are right to feel angry and frustrated and miserable. Vote UKIP to stay that way!

David, the Oath of the Horatii

6 thoughts on “Why vote UKIP?

  1. Was going to post a comment rubbishing the UKIP ‘values’ but it is hard to know where to start, isn’t it? Thanks for this great article! XX 🙂


  2. One does wonder whether things of “anger” at the change of our surrounds via multiculturalism would have been different if we went on a “multiracial” path? I wonder how much of the anger can be pinned to the changes imposed to our “comfort zones” in which we chose to tolerate rather being forced to tolerate everything and anything. I wonder if under our skins our genes are undergoing transformation and we in a couple of generations will all end up saying: lets look after each other, whoever we are?


  3. Clare, as far as UKIP’s green credentials are concerned, you may like this little fact. While at a public meeting in Great Grimsby, UKIP candidate Victoria Ayling asked “What happens when renewable energy runs out?”

    Does the book mention what their current policy on Scotland is as well? The last time I checked the UKIP manifesto, the plans were to abolish the devolved Scottish Parliament (which many Scots long campaigned and the majority of the electorate voted for) AND reduce the number of Scots MPs at Westminster. That of course would reduce Scotland to a backwater with no real voice in the UK. It seems UKIP’s bigotry and xenophobia does not only include other races and cultures from outwith the UK (as well as their homophobia and mysoginy), but also extends to anyone from the UK who does not fit into their little Englander clique.


    • Ayling’s explanation, that she meant what happens when renewable energy subsidies run out, would have been more credible had it been made at the time.

      I have not read their manifesto. Their Policies for People page mentions publishing documents in Scots Gaelic; it would “reduce Barnett Formula spending”; Scots and Welsh MPs would not vote on England-only issues; UKIP recognises and values an overarching, unifying British culture. The Sunday Herald said they would abolish MSPs and make up the Scottish Parliament of Westminster MPs- the Scottish Grand Committee as was.


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