I told Liz how important that act of kindness had been to me. Of course she was delighted. We held hands as I told her, grinning enraptured, then we hugged. However her intention had been different. I was speaking my angst and distress, imagining that as making toast is a simple task I was giving it enough attention. I was not, so I burned the first lot, then I burned the second lot. She wanted me to be mindful, to give the task the attention it actually required. So I did. Third time lucky.

The task needs the attention it needs.

I remember I was irritated with myself for burning the first lot, and apologetic, but this was not enough to make me take care the second time. Possibly it was that I wanted more to speak my angst than to do the task.

I achieve what I actually want.

So I have added to my Affirmation:

I know what I want, and I take steps to achieve it.

Pompeii, the baker and his wife

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