This is my new hair, which Tonia and I selected in Selfridges on Tuesday. It was a lovely day. I had a look at the ties in order to get a bit sentimental about my father. He would have loved them, though been shocked by the £125 price tag. There was a striking evening gown, with a beautiful chiffon top, and an image of C3P0 and R2D2 on the skirt, for £11,750. I asked about wigs, and was sent to the third floor to find human hair constructions for £450 odd, and only after pressing my enquiry found the small concession on the ground floor. This is Tantalise, in G20 + Wheat Mist.

Tonia 13 1 15

That is my own make-up, and perhaps that dark brown was a little unsubtle. So I had it done.

Rachel 2“Vanity, thy name is Abigail” said my friend Colin, repeatedly, and it is lovely to have so much to be vain about. Facebook comments include “Gorgeous” (x7), “Beautiful” (x7), “Very nice”, “Lovely” (x4), and “Wow” (x6).

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