Self-care III

What would self-care look like, with self-respect?

Essence Advance gave me self-respect. I am soft, gentle, peaceful and for the first time I see that as good. I have always sought out what I thought would benefit me, and guarded myself from harm as best I could, and now I know myself better, and so can care for myself better.

This morning I was moved to tears by Octavia Butler, Seed to Harvest, the story of Thomas. She crushes him, then despite his insults another feels empathy for him, and he responds, and acts nobly. From this example of empathy I learn empathy. After, I feel exhausted, turning it in my mind. Seeing that and loving it is all the work I want to do today.

So, goals. I hated work because I got in fights. I am now challenged to write my financial/ career goals for 2015, and am tempted to have none. Too difficult. I look back at work, and see almost all pain. Moulding that with Positive Thinking is just too difficult right now.

I am happy to carry on without work at the moment. Nothing George Osborne could say about this is worse than the words my inner critic has for me- coward, parasite, etc; and I know those words are not true, and they need not hurt me. And, perhaps I am unfit for employment: Butler writes of people sensitive to others’ thoughts, whose gifts plunge them into Hell, and I am sensitive to feeling. I imagine work with dread.

The goal with work is to respect and cherish my hurt self,
and to be open to possibility- anything that might come along that might fit.

Goals of having a job by the end of the year would miss the point, be not what I want, and be ignored, or be a weight to carry and another sense of failure.

Being open to possibility-
I have a way of blocking out my surroundings, and not noticing the people around me. Of course it is not only me, I see others hurrying by oblivious. This is another trait of self-protection, which possibly has become too strong a habit. So opening myself-


to possibility

is the goal. It is huge.

“Why don’t you look into publishing your poetry?”
Out came my no, immediately, before thought. Well, because I don’t think it is good enough, and because if I put it out for judgment it will be found wanting and I will be hurt. And it is too much work anyway.

What would be a first step?

Margaret Macdonald, Summer

5 thoughts on “Self-care III

  1. Hi Clare

    Have you considered publishing through Createspace?

    That is how I have begun to publish my writings. So far I have only published non-fiction but I have a collection of poems that I also intend to publish.

    I don’t sell many books yet but I regard the small number I do sell as a success.

    Best wishes for the New Year



  2. Clare – it has been good to reconnect with you lately. I’m finding resonance in a lot of your recent posts with my current experiences and thoughts.

    I’m a fan of Octavia Butler’s work, and will have to look up the book you mention above.

    Also, I was thinking about this post last night and decided I wanted to share with you something about the difference between what’s sold to us as “work” and “being responsible” which tends to be life draining, and the secret vocation or work that we are meant to do here on Earth but which seems never to be very evident, and which the collective ego and pain body of humanity conspire to hide from us at all costs. After all, looking in the mirror can be the scariest thing of all – far easier to agree on some arbitrary communal code of right and wrong and to attack those about us who do not conform.

    And then I saw in your comment back that you wrote, “the work becomes life-giving”! Exactly what I wanted to say to you. Do not give up in your search, because the right work will become life giving for you! Namaste.


    • Namaste.

      It is a quartet of novels. “Wild Seed” is the first chronologically, though the third written. That is the one I would recommend: I found the second and third a bit hard going, with less character development.

      Thank you for the Deepak Chopra link. Today’s Law of Karma is also relevant:

      Today I will witness the choices I make in each moment. And in the mere witnessing of these choices, I will bring them to my conscious awareness. I will know that the best way to prepare for any moment in the future is to be fully conscious in the present.


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