Heather's catsWhat should I call this post? “Pure Evil”, perhaps. “The smiling Villain”- a Shakespeare reference there. “The Subtle Knife”. A woman pats herself on the back for how nice she is, and others join in; and even her victim probably thinks she is a good sort. She might think the encounter is whatever word she uses for “synchronicity”- perhaps a small miracle. The good she does- really- makes the evil more profound and tenacious.

The facts are these. Bigot Katy was extremely generous with a teenager she barely knew, a German exchange student. She took him into her home, and helped him find his feet in Seattle. Making conversation, she asked, “So, do you have a girlfriend back in Hamburg?” James replied, “I don’t like girls. I like boys instead because I am gay.” And instead of saying, “Oh, sorry, do you have a boyfriend back in Hamburg?” like any normal person, she stopped transferring groceries and just looked at him. Then she “cupped his face in [her] hands” and said “Honey, you have come to the right place”.

Oh, that touch, and the melting eye contact, and the sympathetic listening, on top of that beautiful generosity! She climbs into his head, and then tells him that gay sex is wrong, a message he has heard life long. She tells him straight out or implies that he is gay because of his distant relationship with his father. She tells him that sex is God’s good gift, but only for straight married couples, and that all his sexual attractions are evil and he will never be able to have a partner unless he finds a female one. She may imply that this is more likely than it actually is. She cripples him.

Blogging really does not matter. Leviticus 20! cries Katy. Romans 1! And her sycophantic crew say how wonderful she is, and a few others argue, and it matters not at all. But then, this. Satan uses her very generosity to maim a vulnerable child. There comes a time when we enter adulthood, can make our own decisions, and a lie like Katy’s would have no effect; but James is probably not there yet. She condemns him to pointless misery, while imagining that she “loves” him.

13 thoughts on “Bigotry

    • Hello again. After all the lovely things Katy said about you as an editor, I was pleased to see you have a blog. Do write something on it, it looks silly empty.

      What do you mean, projection?

      When I was about James’ age, I told my Episcopalian priest of my idiosyncrasy. He offered to lay on hands for spiritual healing, and I did not have the resources to resist. It harmed me. The way to functioning as a human being is through self-acceptance.

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  1. Self acceptance, surrender to what is. Yes. We stop trying to change what is not ours to change. We let the river run its course. We bless with open arms and allow. It is odd that so many straight men and women are apparently threatened – feel missionary zeal, then! – by something that has nothing to do with them.

    Thank you, Clare. xx 🙂


  2. Sigh, I’ve given up on her blog for at least a while. It’s simply too painful, smug and disingenuous. Revolted as usual to hear about her latest shenanigans, even if part of me wonders if it’s all made up for the blog machine.

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    • I don’t read it regularly. I don’t think it is fantasy: a Seattle paper like The Stranger could take an interest if the wife of some pastor were both railing against The Gays and fantasising an active charitable concern for needy people. So I believe in, and salute, the generosity: she did not know when she started to help James that she would have a chance to cauterise part of his soul.

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  3. Ah the lovely Ms Bigot. Hatred cloaked with saccharine?

    Of course she is kind, and generous and loving. She even loves those evil gays, because God says she should, although it’s important to tell them they are wrong and they really need to get married to a woman and have children.

    Can’t remember her view on transsexuals. The same I guess, loves ya, but you really need to change and um revert to being a man and marry a woman? Broken record syndrome comes into play at this point.

    If she truly loved everyone, she would accept them and their sexuality. What is difficult about that? And, she would accept the right to gay marriage and for gay/lesbian people to have children.

    My lesbian friends in Scotland married a couple of years ago and have their four biological children to the two abusive husbands living together as a family. What may I ask s wrong with that? Happy secure household for women and children v two separate abusive heterosexual married DV situations?

    I could rant for ever and a day on this so I won’t.

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    • It touched a nerve in me. She can say all she likes on blogs, and it matters very little, but here she dripped poison in the ear of a human being under her influence. Generally it is better for me to turn my eyes away. She is on the other side of an ocean and a continent, after all.


      • Dripped poison is perfect Clare. But don’t forget the saccharine coating.

        But sadly just as she is accessible to us all, she is accessible to others outwith her continent.

        I find her messages insidious and nasty. I don’t buy into her love. I prefer equality and lack of discrimination against non-heterosexuals/cis-gendered from birth. What’s wrong with that? What part of that doesn’t she get?

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        • What part doesn’t she get? She sees the world differently. I don’t know if you go to Violet’s blog much, but Tiribulus put it perfectly there, this morning:

          Victoria says: “There’s nothing to answer. You see, Greg, you are the one claiming absolute certainty. If there is a god, and it’s your god — hell would be my destination of choice. I won’t lower my ethical standards to save my ass.

          Good night.”
          I am indeed claiming God’s absolute certainty. The free exercise of which He gifts to His children by faith. The same absolute certainly you are enslaved to every second of your existence, but refuse to acknowledge.

          We both live in the same certainty Victoria. Our God designed us that way. I do it by choice. You do it by force.

          As a sinner under the dominion of death and Satan (no that is not a contradiction of God’s sovereignty) you prefer Hell itself to surrender to your master. You prefer a life of imagined irrational ultimate uncertainty over the peace and joy that comes from intentionally living in the certainty of the only being actually capable of it.

          You’re right on schedule. This is what I’m told to expect. God is always right.

          I don’t think that is the only Christian point of view- it is not mine- but it is pervasive. If you knew someone was going to Hell, even your worst enemy, would you not want to preserve them from it? Especially when the best way you had to do that was to tell them your beliefs.


          • Of course we all see the world differently, some of which you and I agree upon, some of which we choose to disagree about. But, unless I have missed something neither of us attempt to change someone’s view. Yes we write about our beliefs and perspective but we don’t do the missionary thing, whether gay rights, religion, feminism, vegetarianism, environmentalism, whatever.

            For me, I see Tib’s view in reverse. Many believers do it by force aka indoctrination, non-believers do it by choice.

            Actually no. We are all responsible for our own lives.

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