Bank of the Oise at Auvers, van GoghI met Laura Fraser once, at a personal growth thing– it was rather good, I contacted my inner wisdom and took away new insight which has made my life better. Here she is on another personal growth technique, called Resourcing.

How do I approach this? First I thought of an NLP technique I learned in the late 90s. Imagine a moment of pure joy and affirmation. Make a physical gesture- mine was putting my right thumb and middle finger tips together; then associate the gesture with the memory. Then, when feeling in need of a boost, make the gesture to recall the memory. This got me thinking of the Joy I chose, and how that particular joy turned to dust for me later.

But that is not it.

Practices of gratitude approach it, perhaps. Every evening, think of three things in that day to be grateful for. Being positive may be part of it, looking for opportunities, seeing all the good there is to see. That is not it either. To try to describe it after one view of the video, it is being aware of all the good in my life and in myself, when I enter any stressful situation. Being aware of my resources. That is not it either, but I don’t want long sessions with this particular guru. Time to watch the video again.

Rupda is unhelpful: “Resourcing regulates our nervous system. When we are in Overwhelm, too much too soon too fast, resourcing is a tool to bring ourselves back into a state of more relaxed, peaceful awareness.” Stop selling, Rupda, “It is brilliant” is not a useful message I think. This is unfair. What I might wish to do with a technique is useful information. I remain suspicious that Rupda has taken bits of others’ Wisdom techniques, and applied her own jargon word to them.

What is the Resource process? What do you do? is the obvious question Laura asks, but Rupda does not answer. I am back to using my own experience to relate to what she says: if I cannot deal with my anxiety and pain from my last stress before the next stress comes, I get more and more stressed. Though that experience was when I was working.

I might ask, what brings you joy? And the person might say I like walking in nature. What is it about nature that you like? What do you notice in your body as you talk about this? … That’s an outer resource.

When stressed, think of Resources- your children, your dog, being in nature. We might also think of people who inspire us… let your mind open to the possibility of being supported by anyone.

Inner resources: where do you feel relaxed and safe in your body? Someone might say their solar plexus feels constricted but their belly feels really warm and expanded or their legs feel strong.

I notice I am deep in my No. My stress is my whole situation, my problem is my own inadequacy, this will be useless. That I can do nothing absolves me from the need to do anything, as trying has been so painful in the past. And- I am seeking to open. I am not merely looking for reasons to reject this.

This post is about me, and not about Resourcing. Watch the video.

3 thoughts on “Resourcing

  1. It sounds like you need to step out of your comfort zone. I’m basing this opinion off this line you wrote, “That I can do nothing absolves me from the need to do anything,”


  2. Frustration seems to be the strongest of the voices in this piece. I don’t know if that is just me or if that is how you feel but it comes across as if you are frustrated with trying to decipher what these people are claiming is their solution.


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