Creationism and Christianity

Giovanni di Paolo, The Creation of the World and the Expulsion from Paradise (2)Creationism is about preserving the social order, argues Paul Wallace. It is a conservative creed: we can understand the world, because we understand the Bible, and from the Bible we get clear morality for Complementarianism and against equal marriage. But Christianity is about subverting social order. “Behold, I have made all things new,” says Jesus. He has cast down the mighty from their thrones, and lifted up the humble. Maranatha- “Come, Lord, Come”- is a brave, or foolhardy thing to say. So Christianity has to give the answer to Creationism.

Here is a striking argument. What sort of God would create the World with evolution? A cruel one: Evolution is a cruel and inefficient way for a holy God to create life.  There were billions of years of life before the first eukaryote, 1,200 mya. There is no cruelty there, but God taking God’s good time, observing the beauty of the changes. God is eternal, but short-lived humans want results immediately. And then life evolves, and predators prey on herbivores, so that the herbivores which survive and breed are those which are best at getting away. Less cruel than having herbivores Giovanni di Paolo, The Creation of the World and the Expulsion from Paradisewhich never will have a chance to escape.

There are observable botches in creation. Mammary glands evolved from sweat glands. The creationist has to explain the similarities some other way.

The same blogger claims that while Evolution says our future is indefinite, God says God will create a new heaven and a new Earth. The question is, How? Through God’s servants. The Creationist model of the World has God intervening directly because God’s servants are insufficient: original sin in Eden as soon as God had popped out for a bit; substitutionary atonement because humanity cannot be good; and soon the Rapture, God’s armies of angels blasting the devil, and a new society ruled by God so we become completely unable to make a mess of it ever again. Or, the Christian model, where God’s servants on Earth create God’s kingdom on Earth, here, now, with our love in our communities, with the Spirit in our hearts.

God is not constrained by modern science or the shackles of naturalism. This is close to Occasionalism. God, being a loving God, has given humanity a universe we can explore and begin to explain.

The Class Warfare Blog does not put any argument beyond that Creationism is silly- well, yes- which is insufficient in itself to argue that it comes from American Exceptionalism, but he has a point.

4 thoughts on “Creationism and Christianity

    • I don’t think outing is ever cool. I tend to think of it as a lot more than just a kick in the balls. ‘Looks with mocking disapproval at Clare.’ Hmmm. You’re taking a lot of control away from an individual so you should have a damned good reason if you feel you have to do it.


      • It depends on context. Think of a British Conservative MP in the 1990s, voting against the equalisation of the age of consent. He condemns gay sex and indulges in it, spasmodically, unable to resist, in lonely toilets. He is a hypocrite and an enemy. Outing him weakens him as an enemy, and shows his Tory friends how rife homosexuality is: perhaps they will be less quick to condemn.

        A damned good reason- absolutely.

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