Attempting empathy

window rightAs Sutekh said to the Doctor, “Your evil is my good”. I can only explain the attitude of the Catholic Truth blog to myself in terms of sickness, damage or sin. At best, they defend what they value against what I see as an unreal threat. Delusional, then. Can I begin to understand the sense of threat? Well, I know a lot about feeling rage and terror.

I have been doing lumosity problem solving games. In this thought process, I can make a sub-optimal move, but if I do, I am looking down on the person, and my aim is to avoid that.

Many people use alcohol to relax. Some people use alcohol to escape reality, to block out uncomfortable feelings, to turn away from the problems they should face. That harms them, and others. People also behave selfishly. I accept the reality of temptation and failing, even as I do not judge those who fall, because I do not know the pressure they were under.

Against this, there is the possibility of Sanctification- the human being behaving in the best way possible. The way to it is the Church, given by God.

In the best way of being, the human is always in control, always overcoming that Id monster or sarx/flesh or our sinful nature. Temptations feel strong but must be resisted, or you fall into that lesser way of being, outside the Kingdom.

I could attack this in various ways- it is Gnostic, I pontificate, spirit good matter bad; or it is setting your morality above that of all human beings, your understanding is better than theirs- but then everyone does that, or we would reject our lesser morality. I don’t accept the judgment that gay sex is necessarily always sinful, but perhaps the majority of humanity always has done.

I avoided the weakest moves. “So tempting to see onesself as better than others”- but that is not it, “There but for the grace of God go I”. It is not necessarily in-group/out-group thinking: We are Right, but accept everyone who will join our Right way, the strait and narrow path, because that is what Catholic means.

I feel there is rage and terror there, the fear of Falling Away, anger that things which should be Catholic such as the SVP and CAFOD and even the Pope aren’t, really, not properly, but in principle one might live like that without it. And on my side, of course I deny that my sin is sinful, because I like it and do not want to give it up.

There are places that I cannot go, places holy to Mormons or Catholics. It behoves me to accept the things I cannot change. It is not a threat really. They are not bad, just different.


8 thoughts on “Attempting empathy

    • Oh, absolutely. Quakers thought we were the one true, but sometime in the nineteenth century we realised that with tens of thousands of us rather than millions or tens of millions, God would be pretty harsh to make us the one true Faith. No-one comes to the Father except through Catholicism.


  1. This is particularly thought-provoking, Clare … Defending what they value against what I see as an unreal threat, defines much of the world. The weaker the person, the stronger do they perceive the threat … yes, delusional. I also know a lot about feel rage and terror.

    I do think it is hard to achieve sanctification, because you have continuously to be on guard against arrogance or attempting it for the same of attempting it !

    The concept of faith is simply too hard for me to grasp … ideals, I understand.


    • It is the way I thought. Dressing female felt like falling to temptation. I did it, and I hated myself afterwards. Sex can be sin and temptation- divorce hurts children, though I would shock the Catholic Truth blog by proposing an open marriage in case of widely differing sex-drives between couples. I am unsure about open marriage: where one person has two partners, one might try to supplant the other, or fool themselves about how mature they were accepting the situation as it is. Some people, though, seem to make it work.


      • I think we live under and with so many outdated and culturally imbedded notions about sex and the concept of family. I’m not sure how to fix it, that’s for sure.

        I do wish I had been born female; I wish I’d known about gender realignment when growing up. By the time I was old enough to know about it I was in a relationship and … well, I rather think he would have been supportive. Then, no, I thought he wouldn’t.


          • There is no private blog. My tormenting gorilla complained to WordPress that my blog was pornographic, and he literally (no joke) wrote 100s of letters. Apparently I’m off trawling playgrounds now. My attorneys advised that I take my blog down until … well, that’s a good question. However, I will be putting up a static page about my novels. I miss you … a lot. Is that weird? Please say NO. You speak to some need in me or unfulfilled part of me. Anyway, we can certainly communicate … I think. Who knows? That man has ruined my life … no joke, Clare. Ruined it.


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