Hieronymous Bosch, SuperbiaI am inspired by Nana Rhonda, who opens her mind and heart to people who feel differently to her. I have tried it as an intellectual exercise, imagining what could motivate someone with opposite views to my own: but there are boundaries, and the Catholic Truth blog crosses them. The editor was whining about the St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) giving €45,000 to an LGBT resource centre. A bishop had criticised the grant, but the SVP is unrepentant.

€45,000 out of net funds of €73,129,000 is a tiny amount for needy people. I went in with my standard issue knockabout comment- when homophobes whine about gay people being treated decently, I write “Thank you for sharing this good news”. They piled on to me, with seven people (or sockpuppets) answering me- not bad for a brief troll. Confitebor Domino [I praise the Lord] wrote A single penny directed to such a cause is too much. The editor suggested people go see my blog, and I have had twenty clicks so far- clicks from such blogs rarely get into double figures, so they have been terribly interested in me. To wind them up, I wrote, Ooh, let’s see. What is the most important part of the definition [of Christian]? “Not gay”? Tell that to the disciple whom Jesus loved. I enjoyed that, and I am sure they enjoyed their silly-clever put-downs too. I thought the editor would delete that comment as blasphemous, but she was content to call it “scurrilous”. Then, they began discussing my gender- they think I am male. “Michaela” said This whole “transgender” and “transsexual” stuff comes straight from Hell. “Margaret Mary” said How disgusting that anyone would undergo operations and dress up to pretend they are the opposite gender, for real.

Goltzius, SuperbiaBut this crosses the line: In my view all Catholics ought now to make no further donations to the SVP until:

1. the grant to Amach is revoked
2. an apology is issued to the SVPs supporters for this scandalous misuse of funds
3. the Irish National Management Council is replaced by people with a functioning
moral compass.

SVP must be turned upside down, and its management humiliated. Nothing else is enough for this person, and s/he would be happy to starve it of funds until that happens. But consider what SVP does: Our focus is on practical approach to dealing with poverty, alleviating its effects on individuals and families through working primarily in person-to-person contact by a unique system of family visitation and seeking to achieve social justice and equality of opportunity for all citizens. That is, while not requiring its beneficiaries to be Catholic, it strengthens community and Catholic faith in volunteers and beneficiaries through personal service. It allows Christians to do the work of the Lord.

“Direct assistance to those in need”. SVP does not assess the moral value of the poor whom it helps. Jesus would not. He calls no-one who is perfect already, but brings us to our potential. Confitebor Domino would rather destroy that, than let a grant go to gay people. I cannot understand that. I cannot value it. I find it abominable.

12 thoughts on “Boundaries

  1. Wow … I loved watching you get cooked up ! Cool. You’re absolutely right as well … you seem to be right most of the time. It would be helpful if, now and then Clarabelle, you could be wrong !


    • D’you mean “wrong in an interesting way” like those academic articles with titles beginning “Towards…”- seeking an understanding, but not there yet- or disagreeing- Lagos is a way better city than New York- or merely factually wrong? Perhaps I should stick in a nugget for you to pluck out?


  2. I can never understand (not being religious) whether discrimination against LGBTs on the – to me, spurious – grounds of religion, is down to genuinely interpreting the bible/Christianity/Koran/Islam/whatever to believe it says anything other than heterosexuality is Wrong! or whether religion is used as a convenient cloak for blatant prejudice and phobia.

    It’s like the argument against gay marriage. I don’t see how one can logically love and support a gay couple living together, but oppose their marriage. I find that nauseating and grossly hypocritical. Why deny two people the same rights that others can enjoy?

    Using someone’s sexual orientation as a measure of their worth is very poor judgement indeed and says more about the person making the judgement.

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    • Well, some straights do still find gay sex repulsive to think about, and it could make such a person feel better if they feel they could call the sex, or the person, “aberrant”. Even now, if a man chooses to stay at home and look after the children you can be clear it is his choice, because he will get disapproval from some quarters, but could a woman ever choose to cover her hair? There is so much phobia about, that I don’t think religious hostility can be clear of it; but some imagine they can, and this is my attempt to put their point of view.


  3. So you found more schmucks? On a Catholic website no less?
    I feel bad that I am not surprised by their stance but the homosexual is just the latest victim to suffer from the bigot’s interpretation of the Bible. Eventually they will grow out of it and move on to some other poor bugger.
    You notice I didn’t say they would mature and stop doing it. Just move on to another target is all they can do.


  4. I love posts about this Catholic loony group. The Editor is hilarious and her minions are a fantastic revelation in terms of how crazy religion can get. The thought of them, sitting in rainy west Scotland holding the True key to Catholic Truth, while viewing their esteemed Catholic leaders as wayward sinners, is wonderful. They simply make me smile. I need to find out how they’re voting in the referendum so I can be certain about what the ‘wrong’ choice is. 🙂


      • Yes, I was amused until I started reading their foul comments, and disgust took over, hehe. I hate to become like Ark and John in my criticisms of religious-minded folks, but these people are truly stupid. There’s nothing offensive about your comment unless someone is squeamish about body parts.

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  5. So it was very refreshing to read recently of the courageous decision of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Ireland to fund an “alcohol-free venue for social networking”, despite the fact that it is run as a meeting-place for homosexuals. The SVP had identified the need for a ‘dry-bar’ – an essential social requirement in the area. The fact that those seeking help to wean themselves away from alcohol-abuse were homosexuals was irrelevant. The SVP made no moral judgment or condemnation. Like the doctor they left that to ‘us lot’. And we didn’t disappoint.

    The local bishop, in Galway, immediately protested that “we cannot put funds at the service of what we don’t believe is morally correct”. Didn’t someone once say: “Who am I to judge?” The SVP, which fortunately does not require episcopal approval for its charitable disbursements, was not cowed; any over-deferential approach to bishops has bitten the dust in Ireland as elsewhere. The SVP, expert in this field, had identified what it defined as “an excluded and marginalised group in need of support”. The decision to help was then endorsed by the SVP National Management Council “as (being)… consistent with the SVP mission statement to support people in poverty, both material and emotional, and social justice initiatives”. Why? Because, as they added: “It is a key element of the SVP Christian ethos to be non-judgmental when its assistance is sought”.

    There, in a nutshell we have an up-to-date example of broadmindedness and a non-judgmental approach to others. Perhaps we should give the SVP a wider remit to re-organise the whole Church.” (Mgr Basil Loftus: Are we a Church that is both open-minded and non-judgemental? Catholic Times, 12 September, 2014)

    The Editor of the Catholic Truth blog shared this, saying the author was a dissident/ heretic, but when she complained to his bishop she was ignored. I find it a sanely Catholic view, quite consistent with finding gay sex sinful.

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