Changing Tracks

Changing tracks 1

A ladder to the sky! I would have crossed the water by those wooden beams, had it appeared possible.

joan miro

into the sky

It makes me think of Joan Miro. Actually, it is a temporary art work by Xevi Bayona, from Catalonia, in homage to Stephenson’s railway line which ran through here once. Below was my first view of it, unclear whether it was two or three uprights.

from the other side

Framed among the berries-

first glimpse

I think the kayak is part of the same art work:

canoe tracks

I also got three rather good swans in flight pictures. The trouble with having my camera is that, instead of being captivated by their beauty, I am irritated at not getting a better shot.

swan Septemberswan 11 9 14swan 11 9 14 2swan 11 9 14 3

The geese are congregating for their migration, honking from behind in encouragement.

7 thoughts on “Changing Tracks

  1. Slightly strange post for me to absorb … I’m not good with art installations (as we call them here), since my friends and the artist end up having to show me things and explain. Then … I pretend to get it ! I love the swans and geese, they’re beautiful.

    For reasons having to do with the brain, which I don’t understand, it made me recall being little and waiting with my father for 2 1/2 hours in the rain to see Princess Diana and the Prince of Wales. I have the most enchanting photo of her … somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it.

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    • Beside it, I find it extremely striking simply because of its height: the first crossbar is above head height. Also, you cannot see all of it from any point, because the sides descend that hillock. I tried to express that with my first photograph, long and thin, so that you open the page and scroll down, and down, and down through it, until the end of the reflection of the uprights- that the reflection ended between the cross-bar and the edge of the water was fortuitous, and adds to the picture.

      I love the swans.

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  2. Clever, vertiginous photos. I especially love the first, but they are all wonderful. I love the swans! Been thinking a lot about flying creatures. A golden eagle, a swan, Pegasus, a dragon. All flying bravely. xxxx 🙂


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